Fan the Flames of Your Digestive Fire

Fan the Flames of Your Digestive Fire

Imagine yourself the keeper of an internal fire.

The ancient system of living called ayurveda teaches that within each of us is a flame that transforms everything we consume into consciousness. That agni, or digestive fire, controls our ability to assimilate foodand all of life.

You are the one who tends your inner fire, so keep it burning bright. First, stop doing things that douse agni and impair its power. Don’t eat when you’re anxious or angry. Avoid overeating, and don’t eat “junk” food. It disturbs your digestion, state of mind, and ability to be present.

Once your fire has dwindled to a smolder, it can’t work its magic. Undigested food ferments in the intestines, resulting in an accumulation of toxins in the body and mind and a compromised immunity. Then, eating even the finest food on the planetorganic, local, raw or cookedwill not help.

Weakened agni is a significant cause of most illness and disease, according to the teachings of ayurveda.

You can stoke agni by eating and living consciously. Chew twenty times (or more) per bite. Wait at least three hours between meals and before sleeping. Offer a prayer of appreciation before and after eating. The key to a vibrant blaze withinand good health overallis an attitude of openness and reverence.

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