Poem: Praying I Will Find

Poem: Praying I Will Find

"glass house" by Julie Liger-Belair /

Mark Nepo shares a poem from his latest book, "The Half Life of Angels." Plus, a video of Mark reading!

I used to have so many plans, good plans,
grand plans. In the beginning, I would be
annoyed by the calamities I’d meet along
the way that would keep me from my plans.

I used to pride myself on how I could get
back on track so quickly. But the more I
loved and the more I suffered, the more
my plans were interrupted by those in

Eventually, the call of life, unexpected
and unrehearsed, made swiss cheese of
my plans.

Now, like an emperor undressed by time,
I wander the days naked of plans, praying
that I will find love to give and suffering
to heal before the sun goes down.

From The Half-Life of Angels: Three Books of Poems by Mark Nepo (Freefall Books, April 2023).

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Glass house credit Julie Liger Belair

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