One With the One


Read the story of a woman who died, went to heaven, returned to a broken body, and was miraculously healed.

one with the One chronicles Emily Jean Entwistle’s path to wholeness, offering details of her life. She was adopted into a frightening home and was a virtual prisoner until age eighteen. She was to die and go to heaven just when she reached tenuous stability as an adult. She returned from heaven, back to her broken body, for the sake of another, and was taught through service that the greatest law of life is love.

In this memoir, she tells how conscious communion with God can be experienced by anyone. While her story illustrates how this happened to her, it offers guidance on how others can experience this, too. Through her trials and triumphs, Entwistle has learned that we are eternal beings floating in a sea of love. Her journey from darkness to light teaches the truth that we are co-creators being led back, with the greatest love of all, to conscious communion with God.


Then, there was a pause in time, and as if in the space between the in-breath and the out-breath, I left my body.

Whoever or whatever I am, whether body or soul, I did not know in that moment.

However defined, “I” moved toward a beautiful sunset-colored field of light in the upper left corner of the room and from there, watched what was going on down below.

What was that color? I’d never seen such beauty, and there was no name for it, for it was more subtle than anything I’d known with Earthly eyes. It was pink. No, it was like the honey soft blush of a ripening peach. It was like a cloud, and yet it was transparent. It was vibrating and glowing, illuminated from within. And it was so appealing that I wanted a closer look. In fact, I wanted to move right into it.

Beneath me, overwrought medical personnel surrounded my body registering their shock at how quickly my limbs had gone cold.

How I wanted to tell the medical personnel, now working to save me! I was still alive and okay, and it was pointless to fret so much. I’m still alive!

Excerpted from one with the One: How Suffering Taught That We Are Eternal and Are Loved by Emily Jean Entwistle, Balboa Press 2021.

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