Why This Olympian Uses Herbal Extracts in Her Daily Routine

Why This Olympian Uses Herbal Extracts in Her Daily Routine

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Explore why one Olympic athlete chooses herbal extracts to support her health, and how you can, too.

There’s no question that life can be busy. We live in an on-demand world. Everything is go, go, go…all day, every day…but it’s essential to make time to take care of our mind, body, and spirit. For me, as a professional athlete who often lives out of a suitcase, liquid herbal extracts are my go-to source for some self-care. I enjoy the convenience of being able to drink in that plant-based wellness every day, whether I’m at home or on the road, and you should too!

So, what exactly is a liquid herbal extract? Quite simply, it’s an herb that has been extracted into a liquid that serves as a form of herbal supplement. The dried or fresh herbs are combined with alcohol (or another liquid) and then allowed to soak (macerate) with daily stirring. Then the solid matter is removed, leaving only the extractives of the herbs mixed with the alcohol. This process is called extraction, hence the name herbal extract.

I asked Alexis Durham, the Director of Botanical Affairs at Herb Pharm, to explain it a bit further in layman’s terms. “Taking liquid extracts helps you feel deeply connected to nature and your health. Liquid extracts are very easily and swiftly absorbed by the body.”

Fun fact: The alcohol used in Herb Pharm products is the same ethanol produced by fermentation (like in wine and beer). It’s also an excellent preservative, so the liquid herbal extracts can last for several years.

Liquid herbal extracts could not be easier to take and to add to your daily routine. It’s literally three steps—squeeze, drop and drink. That’s it! Of course, you should always read the label on each product for the recommended serving.

Although I only recently discovered their products, Herb Pharm has been helping people live in sync with nature since 1979. They offer more than 160 single herbs and more than 85 proprietary formulas, becoming the most trusted liquid herbal extracts in America. And the best part? Their herbs are grown on their own organic farms in southern Oregon and ethically sourced from all corners of the world, ensuring the highest quality extracts.

In fact, Herb Pharm has received B-Corp/Regenerative Organic Certified® farm status for their farms. From soil to bottle, they do what’s right for plants, people, and the planet. Personally, that’s very important to me. Herb Pharm takes care of the plants so that they may take care of us…and we can live together in unison with Mother Earth.

I’ve quickly added liquid herbal extracts to all aspects of my life…and I’m definitely seeing the results, almost immediately. My energy levels are sustained. I feel more balanced. The stress of traveling is made just a bit easier.

Plant and herbal extracts have been in increasing demand due to changes in our lifestyles and our preferences for natural and organic products. With over decades of leadership within the traditional Western herbalism community, Herb Pharm is well-versed to help guide those looking to embark on a healthy and socially-conscious lifestyle…in just a few drops!

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