Moving On After Divorce

Moving On After Divorce


Letting go of the attachment to what was once a symbol of the love you shared can be reinvigorating and uplifting in itself.

Dealing with the aftermath of a failed marriage can be a difficult journey to navigate. What was once a promise of forever has now become a tainted memory. If children are involved, the grief can be even more overwhelming as you try to shelter them from your own grief and help them navigate their own. But healing is possible, and being able to move on will come.

In the meantime, take the steps to better yourself and purge the negativity to awaken your new self. In doing this, you will find yourself letting go more and feeling the healing vibrations throughout your body and life. However, in order to do this, you must make room for yourself to grieve. It’s natural and it’s needed. Pushing that grief down and away will only prolong your journey.

One powerful tool to help you get started is finding an affirmation (or two) that will help you release your past marriage. Said daily, or as needed, affirmations can tap into your conscious and unconscious mind to help restore your strength and motivate you to push forward.

As you begin to build yourself back up and purge the negative emotions, think about purging other things, like your engagement ring and wedding band. Letting go of the attachment to what was once a symbol of the love you shared can be reinvigorating and uplifting in itself. With no reason to keep it in a drawer to collect dust, going through with the physical release of the marriage can be a ritual in itself, truly allowing you to let go.

Of course, as healing as it may be to just let it go and be done, if you do decide to let go of your wedding jewelry, do consider selling it. Companies like Worthy can help and take care of the whole process so you don’t have to think about it. Worthy’s process is risk-free, painless, and designed to get sellers the most for their diamond jewelry.

Now, once you’ve spiritually moved on and physically moved on, you can focus on your new life and the open opportunities in front of you. Use your new strength to try something new, the money from selling the ring can help you start a new chapter in your life, or just breathe easy knowing that you have survived. But, throughout the whole journey, remember to always be gentle with yourself through your transition.

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