Learning to Receive

Learning to Receive

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If you have an inspired thought or intuitive urge, follow it, because it could lead you to your desired outcome

After you set your intentions and engage in manifestation practices, you’ll start to receive guidance in two forms: inner guidance and outer guidance. Inner guidance looks like intuitive nudges or inspired thoughts. Outer guidance includes signs from the Universe and synchronicities, which are meaningful coincidences. Having a regular centering practice will help you be still and hear the inner guidance. Being more present while going about your day will help you notice outer guidance.

If you have an inspired thought or intuitive urge, follow it, because it could lead you to your desired outcome. (Obviously, use good judgment here and don’t do something dangerous.) You’ll know it’s an inspired thought because it will come out of nowhere and be different from your usual thoughts. For example, you suddenly have an urge to go to a different grocery store than usual. By following the nudge, you’re taking inspired action. You could meet your future partner at that store or run into someone you’ve been thinking about—a synchronicity—who recommends a supplement that’s on sale only today—a sign—that successfully heals your ailment.

Signs and synchronicities are like winks from the Universe. They are the way the Universe sends messages to us. Listening to your intuitive nudges and looking for signs and synchronicities can add a little magic to your day and help you develop trust.

Exercise: Treasure Hunt

What you choose to look for is what you’re going to see. In other words, the world often reflects our expectations. Try this activity to see how your reticular activating system (the part of the brain that selects what to focus on) works.

For the next few days, set the intention to look for and find the following objects and then actively search for them (one at a time). Take notes in your journal on what you observed including how many times you see it or anything unusual or unique about the circumstances.

  • Cars that are a shade of orange

  • Butterflies

  • Rainbows

After doing a treasure hunt for these objects, think about how your expectations can influence what you see. Can you do a treasure hunt for things that support what you’re trying to manifest? Things that show you it is possible? For example, can you look for signs that the Universe is supporting your goal? This might show up as someone suggesting you pursue it, someone offering to help, or an answer spontaneously coming to you. After all, when we look for magic, we often find it.

This is an excerpt from pages 42-43 of Heal Your Past to Manifest Your Future by Anna Kress.

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Learning to Receive

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