Begin Your Journey to a Safe, Healthy, Happy Pregnancy

Begin Your Journey to a Safe, Healthy, Happy Pregnancy


Discover what may be preventing you from getting pregnant—it might not be what you think.

Visualize an iceberg, an enormous block of ice above the surface of the water. It seems insurmountable, impossible, and never-ending, like endometriosis, like multiple miscarriages, like unexplained infertility. But what is really going on, the actual problem, the even larger part of the iceberg, is underneath the surface. Emotional wounds—like fear, anger, frustration, abandonment, and betrayal—are the bigger issues, the ones underneath. If you can overcome the bigger part of the iceberg, then the top will melt away on its own.

Visualize the tip of the iceberg as your physical symptoms: endometriosis, multiple miscarriage, failed rounds of IVF, whatever you are experiencing right now. Now visualize the huge part under the surface as hidden, buried, suppressed feelings, thoughts, things you wished you had said, things you wished you had not said, things you wished you had done, things you wished you had not done.

It is all this emotional stuff underneath that builds, festers, and creates those physical symptoms in the first place, so we must go deeper. Why do you have endometriosis? Where is it coming from? What is it connected to? What unresolved feelings have created endometriosis in the physical body in the first place? The same questions could be asked of miscarriage or any other explanations for infertility: Why is your body in fight-or-flight mode? Why doesn’t your body feel safe enough to hold a pregnancy right now? What are the crippling fears, worries, and anxieties going on in the background? How does this all connect?

The goal of this healing book, my goal for you, is to help lift you out of the realm of blame and excuses so you can see the bigger picture and look forward to a bright future you can achieve and attain. Move beyond blaming yourself, blaming others, blaming circumstances, blaming past experiences.

Let’s discover what is really going on in the background so you can experience and most importantly enjoy a safe, healthy, happy pregnancy.

We will go way beyond the stumbling blocks of blame regarding age, diet, or weight; they will not be mentioned in this book, but you will notice that they will also naturally and organically fall into place after going through this journey with me. You will heal emotional wounds that once drew you to comfort foods; as soon as those wounds are gone, you’ll naturally be drawn to a healthier, more varied, and colorful diet.

You will notice wonderful changes in every aspect of your life. Things that used to really upset you will no longer make you flinch. Fears that once stopped you in your tracks and kept you from doing things or going places will dissolve. Upsetting work situations with colleagues will resolve and sort themselves out in ways you had not even thought of. Everything will change for the better.

You will release mindless labels, embedded commands, hurtful comments that doctors or others have made about diagnoses, age, weight, and so on. You will release the mindset that this whole “trying to get pregnant” business is out of your control or unknown or just one of those things. By discovering, acknowledging, and healing your emotional wounds, you will take back your power. Trust that these wounds will be gone forever, and you will be on your merry way to parenthood, loving your safe, healthy, happy pregnancy, and expanding your family.

Even better, you will enjoy the journey along the way. What is the point in being pregnant for nine months if you are going to be riddled with fears and worries? There is no fun in being afraid to bend down to pick something up, afraid to do things or go places, even afraid to use the restroom. My goal for you is that you not only become pregnant, but you enjoy your entire pregnancy and experience a safe, healthy, happy delivery at the end. Pregnancy is supposed to be an incredible, joyous time of radiance in your life. Trust you can experience it all: becoming pregnant, enjoying your pregnancy, and having a healthy delivery.

I know right now you feel exhausted, worn out, on an uphill battle. Let me reach my hand out to catch your hand; allow me to guide and inspire you forward.

Hear the words “I can, I will, and I am” echo in your mind. Allow them to vibrate and resonate throughout your whole being. Step by step, breath by breath: “I can, I will, and I am.” One moment at a time: “I can. I will. I am.” Get used to saying, “I am.” Hear it reverberating as we continue.

Healing is always an individual and intimate process. You possess enough vitality for your desires, but you’re often unable to access it when you need it, as it is stuck somewhere in your body, physically, mentally, or emotionally. By the time we have finished the journey of this book together, you will be standing tall on the top of a mountain, filled with vitality after climbing the tough terrain and overcoming the blocks and barriers along the way. Arms outstretched, feeling empowered, shouting out to the world, “I am confident, and I believe in myself.”

I am so excited for you. You’ve got this. Remember: “I can. I will. I am.”

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Begin Your Journey to a Safe Healthy Happy Pregnancy

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