Toolbox: Outside In

Toolbox: Outside In

Saturate your senses with S&H’s choices of treasures inspired by nature.

Lose yourself in the tiny living world in the Miniature handblown succulent terrarium. ($30)


Calming spa seaweed sugar scrub will sweetly polish you to a soft lustre. ($14.99)


Packed with some of nature’s most potent elixirs, Berry Blend is a delicious way to drink in the bounty. ($45 for 15)


Gently bring the smells and textures of nature into your bathing experience with handmade soap. ($6.50)


Stimulate your senses with grapefruit, spearmint, and rosemary essence, craftily concocted in awaken and energize. ($33)


Soft-as-silk powdered quinoa combined with honey in the grains and honey facial set are an inspired way to take a beauty break. ($54)


Soothe yourself with sweet sounds from 1Q, a compact bluetooth wireless speaker, made from sustainably harvested wood. ($129.95)


The ladies behind Not Your Sugar Mamas have created pure delight from raw ingredients. ($7.99)


The next best thing to being covered in rose petals, rose day cream is a feast for the senses. ($42.95 per 1 oz)


Follow Eion Finn to (virtually) take your practice into spectacular surroundings with Earth Body Yoga. (14.99)


A gift from the sea, the luxurious bath sponge will keep you gently clean. ($12)

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