Good Luck in 2024—Eden Foods

Good Luck in 2024—Eden Foods

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Begin New Year with Celebratory Eden Foods

Celebratory foods at new year encourage and welcomes well-being all over the world. Folk-belief about certain dishes holds they bring good fortune, peace, prosperity, and good health. Eden Foods offers traditional, organic, natural food versions of many of them: cooked rice & bean varieties, lentils, black eyed peas, aduki beans, sauerkraut, and mochi.

‘Rice for Riches, Peas for Peace’

Beans and peas are associated with coins, money, and good fortune. Green lentils with their coin shape bring those who eat them good luck. In Italy, Hungary, and Brazil a New Year lentil stew is traditional. It stems from belief in this.

Black eyed peas are referenced in the old saying ‘Rice for Riches, Peas for Peace’ as an assurance of good luck to those eating them at the New Year. Black eyed peas are a Southern tradition and important part of the holidays, most famously in the dish Hoppin' John. A spicy stew of black eyed peas, rice, and greens. It is customarily served on New Year's Day. The Hoppin' John dish is believed to assure prosperity. The day after New Year's leftover Hoppin' John becomes Skippin' Jenny, a frugal meal taken as a precursor to prosperity in the year to come.

Eden Beans are the finest of the U.S. organic crop, from a network of families and their organically-managed-for-decades land. Eden Beans come cooked in 15, 29, and 108 oz. BPA and BPS free cans. Seven kinds come as dry in one pound boxes. Organic Eden Short Grain (SG) Brown Rice & Lentils, Curried SG Brown Rice & Lentils, and eight other varieties of canned rice & beans are available.

Greater Prosperity

A German tradition is that the more strands of sauerkraut in one's New Year meal bowl, the greater your prosperity will be in the new year. Eden Foods' sauerkraut offerings include Original Sauerkraut, Kimchi Sauerkraut, and Three Onion Sauerkraut.

Eden Sauerkraut is authentic old-world kraut. Real organic sweet cabbage is grown and made into kraut in Ohio. Hand harvested cabbage is washed, cored, shredded, and fermented with Eden Sea Salt for at least six weeks. Traditional methods and careful handling from seedling, to field, as it grows, harvest, preparation, and fermentation create its great taste and efficacious nature.

Authentic Pounded Mochi

The most popular New Year’s tradition in Japan is making mochi. It demands a lot of people energy to pound it. Folks gather and share in the pounding of the cooked sweet rice Oryza glutinosa into mochi. New Year's mochi and miso soup is their first meal of the New Year. It is believed to be ‘necessary’ for a Happy New Year.

Organic Eden Mochi: Sweet Brown Rice, Sprouted Sweet Brown Rice, and Brown Rice & Black Soybean Mochi are authentic mochi, stone pounded by the Kojima family in central Japan. They reintroduced brown rice mochi in 1974 when only white rice mochi was being made. We consider access to this pounded whole grain mochi an honor and privilege. It is a joy to share this marvelous, versatile, and strengthening food. Eden Mochi is the real thing.

Eden Foods appreciates the traditional wisdom contained in these old ways. Mochi pounding is a good example, and the all-around benefits are undeniably substantial. Happy, Joyous, and Free

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