Elemental Witchcraft and the Thinning Veil

Elemental Witchcraft and the Thinning Veil

An elemental witch and psychic medium offers her wisdom on how to connect with the season—can you feel the veil thinning?

Regardless of whether we live in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, October is a time in which the Veil between our reality and the unseen realm is at its thinnest. “The Veil” is a term used to describe the invisible barrier between the physical world we inhabit, and the world of spirit, which includes our beloved dead, nature spirits, and deities.

In the North, we experience the dying-off of vegetation and varied levels of hibernation, and in the South, it is a time of rebirth as the green world springs back into action and the physical realm becomes vibrant with life. These times are sacred to the Elemental Witch, offering an opportunity to deeply witness the ebb and flow of nature, as well as experience personal connection with the spirit world.

Forming relationships with the natural world and the elemental beings who make up the spirit of nature is key to developing magical awareness; energy flows best if it is freely given, and working with such beings is beneficial to the healing of our planet and spirit. When building a relationship of any kind it is important to give honor and respect, and to take the time to build trust before asking for favors.

It is also important to remember that nature beings—elementals, plant spirits, and the like—may have different rules of engagement than we humans do. This makes it important to move slowly and open our awareness, to listen and watch, and to take the time to voice our needs so the spirits of place know who you are and understand your boundaries. Formal introductions done in sacred space help us to recognize what we are doing as outside of our everyday reality, and hold spiritual value in our life.

Now is the perfect time to start a relationship with the elemental beings that inhabit your backyard, forest, or local park. Note that neighbors come in many forms: some want us to come right into their house, others speak to us from the yard, and some prefer we stay away. This is true of the unseen world as well, so proceed with your awareness open and make sure to introduce yourself. Below is a technique you can try.

A Practice to Connect With the Spirits of Nature

You will need:

  • A piece of your hair

  • Small jar of water

  • Your Book of Shadows (sacred journal)

  1. Choose a place that feels special to you.

  2. Introduce yourself out loud, stating your name and your intentions (“I am __________ and I am here to form a deeper relationship with the spirits of nature who reside here”).

  3. Leave your offering of water and hair.

  4. Sit in silence using wide-angle vision, making note of anything you sense externally as well as internally.

  5. Give your thanks and say farewell.

  6. Return to your sacred place regularly, knowing relationships take time to build. Set up a temporary or permanent altar if you feel so moved.

  7. Make note of your experiences in your Book of Shadows.

Remember that relationships take time, and magic is meant to be a way of life. Explore, experience, and open your senses, for there is a witch inside us all!

Spreading love,

Elemental Witchcraft and the Thinning Veil

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