Dying to Live

Learn how Monica Hards’ out-of-body and near-death experiences affected her and what you can take from them.

Monica Hards is one of those few people who died but came back to life. While such an event is genuinely life-defining, she does not look at it as a culmination of her life. She is still the same person, though with more insight and wisdom to help others. This book is a bit of an autobiography sprinkled with many of the author’s insights on how to navigate life.

Live with nature in gratitude and compassion rather than human-made ideas and beliefs. Know the law of the cycle of life, birth, and death. Die peacefully, quietly, and honestly, not in regret, fear, guilt, or sorrow. There is no need for apologies and excuses. Simply look the law into the face. At the heart of everyday living is the continuous loop of life, death, and rebirth. No matter how hard we try, we can’t escape the cycle of life and death.

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