Converse With One’s Limitless Soul With This Self-Help Book

Converse With One’s Limitless Soul With This Self-Help Book


The Golden Book of Life & The Plasma Soul Codes is an extraordinary self-help bible overflowing with life-changing spiritual information, healing guidance, cosmic wisdom, and unconditional love specifically designed to empower you to live your best life.

It is significantly unique as it presents intelligent, energetic codes of plasma light that live inside your soul. These codes magnetically reconnect you to converse with your limitless soul in plenty of practical means and enliven you and others in every way possible!

Further, the author feeds information from the collective soul group and all kingdoms of life. Nature, the Earth, animals, the stars, the whole galaxy and beyond—get ready for a magical ride of awakening, for all that is lives inside you!

Simply look up a keyword in the back of the book and be sent to the best soul code to assist yourself or others with everyday breathing exercises, easy tips, moving meditations, hands-on healing and soul practices—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

If you wish to help yourself or another, be happy and enlightened, or are searching for the keys to all that is life, then this is your book!

The Plasma Soul Codes (TPSC)

Are you ready for change?

Following are some important points. Feel their message. You do not have to literally understand every point; just get a “feel” for it! Plasma works through your feeling body. It delivers all information to you via emotion. Be open and feel.

TPSC come from the energetic makeup of spirit and its relationship to all living things.

TPSC are as real as the sky you see, the heartbeat you feel, and the web of light that connects all structures.

TPSC are the web of eternal spirit and the communication that dances from what you cannot see to what you can see.

TPSC are intrinsic and precise as well as fluid, spontaneous, and magical. They are life forces
that are never set in one particular pattern or shape; rather, they move, create, and re-create life.

TPSC connect to all living things and beings and have a particularly intimate relationship
with birds, flowers, and fruit on the Earth, thus using these formations of intelligent life force
to bring extra communication to humanity.

TPSC are the very conduit to the substance you call physicality.

TPSC are in The Golden Book of Life and the Plasma Soul Codes as a self-healing, self-
activation tool that allows human beings to use the spiritual multiverse for the greatest good.

TPSC open humans to the “wow” factor of life in all planes and sensors.

TPSC work through all dimensions and time but stem from one entire timeless complete
dimensional life (God—the Universe).

TPSC integrate all life forms and remind you of this oneness.

TPSC would like to communicate some important points for humanity:

1. There are no “higher” planes, but there are different, lighter, heavier, or unique planes of
the same one-love in truth.

2. Illusion says there are levels of mastery, and you master one before you can go to the next
level. This leads to a dead end. All is eternal.

3. There are layers of learning within the illusory frame both in a physical band and in a
spiritual body, but no layer is more important than another; therefore, it is possible to move
through all layers in no time, uniquely and wholesomely. You can choose to fast track and
live as a human God now if you wish. TPSC are a fast-track solution.

4. Masters, such as John Lennon; Jesus; creators of brilliant, life-changing movies and books such as A Course in Miracles (ACIM); and others are all examples of souls who have
chosen to fast track, although being “famous” is not a prerequisite. You can be a humble
grandmother in suburbia and be a fast-tracking superhuman godly master! (I have chosen
to be of service, to fast track. There is nothing more important to me than assisting the
Earth and all of humanity to come home to one love. This is my mission, and it is written
in the stars—literally.)

5. In truth, no one dimension is any less or more whole, intelligent, pure, or the like than any other dimension. Therefore, it is possible to have all that is embodied in light in human

6. A grain of sand you walk on is just as pure, intelligent, and divine as an elephant, a flower,
you, the man you passed by the other day, the Archangel Michael, or the sun. Knowing
this, living this, and respecting this is what is called true dimension.

7. True dimension is made up of both matter and nonmatter. It all comes from the Great
Spirit, though; this is who we are, and it is pure bliss.

8. False dimension (like the one you think you are living in) is made up of matter and
nonmatter too, but with separation, judgement, and self-imprisonment.

9. True dimensions are mixtures of crystalline energy, magnetic energy, matter, and nonmatter governed within and one with plasma. These are the principles of the Plasma Soul Codes.

10. False dimensions are mixtures of crystalline energies that have been separated in fields of
magnetics and non-magnetics but separate from each other and plasma. Although this is
impossible in truth, it is what you think you are experiencing in a very realistic sense.

11. You cannot have truth and illusion. One is real, the other is not.

12. All is eternal love, power, and wisdom. All is perfect and whole. This means you, your
friend, and your enemy!

13. Self love and wholeness are all you need to concern yourself with. The rest will follow.

14. True dimensions, planes, and states of matter or nonmatter should not be strictly numbered or categorized in such a way as we tend to as humans. There are always multiples within all individual planes, the meanings unique to every individual soul and the series of

15. This thought process stems from separation and retrogrades anything or one, especially en masse, which creates more alternate paths separate from reality. You have walked that path long enough, and your heart calls for truth now. All is connected, as one and possible. No plane is more important than the other. All have the potential for growth.

16. We are all after true ascension (eternal bliss), not alternative paths that mimic ascension or “heaven.” This is what your soul-heart has called for you to correct.

17. The pathway of ascension is all inclusive and so includes shadows, ghosts, evil, and other negative things. This name calling and judging of “darkness” or “wrongdoing” only creates more illusion for you and every other person who believes in such things.

18. So, watch your thoughts, feelings, and actions that act on this judgement and correct it instantly with love!” The “judgements” are in need of correcting in your mind, so correct
them, love them, and you will transmute them.

19. There are no secrets in oneness, no separation, no lies, no alternative paths of destruction.

20. It is now time, as in your Earth time, to heal the separation by knowing that it does not
and never did exist.

21. Darkness, evil, fear, separation, sin, illusion, death, are simply “love unrecognized by

22. As we are all one, to judge anything is to judge the whole—you, your lover, your children,
and your pets!

23. This is what Christ meant when he said every act of sin puts another thorn in his crown.

24. The sickness of the illusion says to your human mind that you can justify harming others whilst remaining unharmed yourself. This is ludicrous.

25. Is this what you think really happens? Do you really think that if you harm, judge, or abuse
another, you or your son or your daughter will go unharmed?

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Converse With Ones Limitless Soul With This Self Help Book

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