Clearing Disruptive Energies

“Disruptive energies are constantly around us. The good news is our body usually does a really good job of deflecting them.”

Disruptive energies can come from people we associate with, entertainments that we consume, or daily events that we become aware of, to name just a few. Oftentimes however, the disruptive energies that affects our health have been created by an emotional wound inflicted years ago and never addressed. Disruptive energies can sit dormant for years in the energetic component of the physical body and if connected to a physical wound may eventually affect organs or tissue. At other times the client may develop illnesses intended to protect them from similar situations originally associated with the initial wounding. As an example, a client may have been emotionally injured at a family gathering. To avoid similar gatherings the client develops an illness that prevents them from attending these and similar events.

When utilizing the Energy Touch modality, successfully clearing disruptive energies in the field begins with Grounding—to both Earth Energies and Universal Energies. This initiates a process of expanding and reinforcing the energetic container known as the Pranic Tube. The Pranic Tube surrounds our physical body and extends deep into the Earth's core and out into the Universal Energies. This serves as our connection to Universal Knowledge and Guidance. When we expand and reinforce our Pranic Tube we allow ourselves to reclaim our rightful space in the Universe and no longer provide space for the darkness. As a result we are creating a stronger connection to our Higherself.

Once the Pranic Tube is activated a process of breathing energies through our chakras and levels of the field mindfully and with intention begins. At this point we are able to access the outer levels of the human energy field—or aura—and it's corresponding chakras. Using this access we begin the process of energetic breathing with the intention of eliminating disruptive or unhealthy energies. We also become more mindful of unwanted energies that we may encounter in our daily lives and avoid attachment to them.

As we continue with this energetic breathwork and expand out towards the outer levels of the field our relationship with the original seven chakras and levels of the field transition to a new and more complex vibrational connection. In some cases these include alternate colors and physical attributes.

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