A Simple Path to a Nutritional Detox

A Simple Path to a Nutritional Detox

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If stepping out of the demands of your daily life in order to take part in a heavy duty detox isn’t a reality, then try making daily, simple shifts that will support your body towards a cleaner, healthier baseline. Megan Gilmore, author of No Excuses Detox is a proponent of taking small daily steps path to ease your way into detoxification.

What are some of the easiest ways to have a 'detox' mentality on a daily basis, small shifts towards cleaner eating?

One great way is to start your day with a green smoothie. They taste great and are loaded with fruits and vegetables to set a healthy tone for the day. You can also focus on making sure you have a vegetable at every meal, such as baby carrots or roasted broccoli, to keep that momentum going throughout the day.

What made you want to make the shift to healthier eating, and how did you start? What did you notice?

I was feeling sluggish and my clothes were no longer fitting well, so I knew I had to make a change. I started by eating a lot more vegetables during the day, focusing on smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch. Within a week I noticed my bloating had been significantly reduced and my cravings for junk food were gone.

Sugar can be such a big stumbling block for many people. How do you recommend handling the cravings and sensations associated with releasing sugar as a crutch?

When you mentally make something “off limits” it can become more appealing than ever, simply because it’s forbidden. Instead of trying to avoid all sugar, try naturally satisfying your sweet tooth with a date-based snack, like Date Energy Balls or No-Bake Brownie Bites. Not feeling deprived is key to staying on track.

What 5 ingredients are a 'must have' in a whole food kitchen?

Fresh ingredients are key, as they will have the best flavor. I use fresh baby spinach and leafy greens for smoothies and salads, dates for smoothies and snacks, raw apple cider vinegar for salad dressing, sliced vegetables for snacks and salad toppings, and then a variety of spices to give things plenty of flavor, including fine sea salt, cinnamon, and cumin.

Do you have any mantras that help you stay on track?

When things feel challenging, I like to take it “one meal at a time.” I’ll make myself something I really love to eat—like a chocolate shake made with dates and hemp hearts—and that reminds me that I really do love how I feel when I eat this way.

How does this way of eating integrate with a busy life?

I always feel busy juggling work and my kids, so this way of eating is perfect because it keeps me energized and takes only minutes to prepare. When I’m rushing out the door for work, I can grab a smoothie to take with me, and when I get home, a fresh salad is only minutes away when I’ve already made the salad dressing over the weekend.

Is there a spiritual aspect in your approach to eating?

I feel that when you take care of your physical body, you’re also taking care of your soul. It’s a complete package!

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