An Intentional Place

An Intentional Place


Most of us have had the experience of walking into a room, and having it feel a certain way. Maybe it’s inspiring us to create, or to take a nap, or sometimes, to turn around and walk right back out.

When we think of creating our spaces, we often think of what color to paint the room, the furniture to include, and how we will arrange our statues and candles. We may think along the lines of decluttering, all of which are useful places to start. An important part of creating a space that is sacred, whether that sacredness is for art, meditation, or yoga, is consciously setting the intention for the space.

Deborah Kremins ( is an intuition consultant who studied with Francesca McCartney at the Academy of Intuition Medicine. She has been teaching and sharing intuitive work for over 20 years and shares a process for creating a space that feels in alignment with what you want to use it for.

  1. Set up. Begin by sitting in the space and grounding yourself. Grow roots into the earth, and let yourself sink into a deeper place of knowing, leaving your logical, analytical mind to rest for a bit. Offer a greeting to this inner knowing, and listen for a greeting in return. Be present with yourself, and with the space in it’s current state. How does it feel right now? If it feels crowded or chaotic, or not up to date, release any energy that is not connected to the present. Release anyone else’s energy. Release past ideas about this space, hopes and wishes of what it could have been. Allow the space to ‘come into the present time.’
  2. Ground the space. Imagine the space you are as having roots that grow deep into earth. If the space has corners, imagine each of the corners grounding into the earth. Feel the stability of that deep connection.
  3. Set the space. Ask your place of deeper knowing for a color that is ‘in affinity for you with the room, and trust your first seeing, hearing, knowing sense.’ Fill the room energetically with that color. Let the color expand into any corners and all the way from the floor to the ceiling.
  4. Protect the space. Ask for protection for the your space. This will be an energy that is placed outside of the space, and will act as a filter, keeping out any unwanted energy, and allowing in only what is in alignment with you and your intention.
  5. Set the Intention. When you have gone through the first steps, return again to your place of deepest knowing, your intuitive center, and ask what you want this room to be. Is it a safe place, or a retreat? Will this be your place for creative expression, or mediation? Whatever you decide this space will be, ask again for a color that is in affinity with your intention for this space. Trust your first knowing, and again fill the space energetically with that color.

As you use the space in a way that matches your intention for it, the energy of it will grow and become more potent. It will support your practice, as your practice will support it.

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