You Are My Valentine. And You, and You …

You Are My Valentine. And You, and You …


Can we try directing our love toward’s everyone, just for one day?

We all know Valentine’s Day is devoted to showing our loved one(s) a little extra attention, devotion, and sweetness. But what if we raise the ante and direct our love to everything and everyone, and see if we can transform every thought into a loving one? Just for one day.

Let’s make everyone our Valentine. Let’s make Mother Earth our Valentine. Let’s make animals our Valentine. Let’s make threatened organizations that provide services we value our Valentines. Let’s shower the entire planet and all of its inhabitants with love, for just one day, and see what happens.

Let’s make our politicians our Valentines. What if we all sent Washington DC and those who serve us there, loving, elevated thoughts (and not the ones that have been repeatedly weighing us—and them—down).

What if we consciously or energetically say thank you to the people who serve, the ones most of us take for granted—the list is endless. How about the ones we mostly send resentment—the IRS, for instance, or the telemarketers who call us?

What if we sought out a homeless person and gave them a Valentine’s meal or the sweater we never wear but they would treasure?

What if we gave a paper heart to the folks at the nursing home, letting them know they are remembered and that they matter?

What if we all donated to an animal protection agency, all on the same day?

The planet and all of its people need our love now more than perhaps ever before.

What if, in addition to our candies, flowers, and cards, we handed out loving thoughts and gratitude?

What if we handed out honest compliments and acknowledged the efforts of others?

What if we monitored our own thoughts and every time we thought something unkind, judgmental or unloving, we reeled it back in, transformed it into something more intentionally kind?

What if we monitored our self-talk and turned our judgment toward ourselves into kinder, gentler words?

What if we made Valentine’s Day into V-day, higher Vibration day!? Through quantum physics it is revealed that all physical reality is made up of vibrations. Our thoughts are vibrational energy that have the capacity to influence others, maybe even situations. Mindfulness, awareness, focus and intention have the capacity to raise our personal vibration. All we have to do is put our attention to it.

If we align all of our thoughts, words and actions with the vibration of love, maybe, just maybe, the whole world will shift. Maybe, just maybe, our loving kindness will influence someone else’s loving, kindness.

While I cannot guarantee that what you do will impact the planet in a monumental way, I can guarantee that you will impact you in a monumental way. If you are impacted positively, you will certainly impact others, at least in small ways. If we all devote ourselves to a higher standard of loving kindness vibration, even for just one day, healing will have to be the result.

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