Do your pets get more attention than your partner?: Love lessons from pets

If you’re like me, there are days when your “to do” list seems endless. This morning as I read through the list of things that absolutely had to get done today, one of my four cats jumped in my lap and began to purr vigorously. I petted him for minute or so while multi-tasking with the other hand, then explained, “I have to get some things done.” He didn’t budge. He didn’t care. He stayed put. That’s when I got the message: “Put me on your ‘to do’ list!” Simple as that, he lovingly looked at me and implied the question, “Where is ‘time for love’ on your list?”

When I get home from running errands, my dog comes running from wherever he may have been and whatever he may have been doing to greet me joyfully. He is always happy to see me and always welcomes me home. He is also quick to announce my husband’s arrival home from work. My best guess is that he is saying, “He’s home! He’s home!!!” Then he looks at me like, “Helloooo, why aren’t you running outside to greet him? He is home!!!” A good reminder, for sure.

When my cats shed in the house, I never get mad at them for not cleaning up after themselves. When my dog begs for attention, I am usually obedient and love him up.When my animals ask for food, I usually stop what I am doing and take care of their needs. All of which causes me to wonder, why?

Then I know the answer—gratitude. It makes me happy to make them happy! If they were not so responsive with purrs and wags, it wouldn’t be nearly as pleasurable to care for them—another great reminder.

So, in honor of this awakening, here are some great love and relationship tips from our pets:

  1. Make time for loving touch every day.
  2. Good grooming and hygiene make for more likely and prolonged time together.
  3. Greet your partner with the same enthusiasm with which you greet your pets—or that your pets greet you with!
  4. Let your needs and desires be known; show your partner exactly where the “spot” is that needs “scratching” and then let them know they got it right!
  5. Don’t make others feel wrong for being exactly who they are.
  6. Be loyal. Know whom it is that you are to protect.
  7. Take care of your body: Get plenty of sleep and food; then, play fully!
  8. Always show your gratitude—for touching, meals, and time together.

Today on my “to do” list, I added one more thing: “Take a nap…with others” and the five of us curled up and went to sleep, purring.