7 Useful Apps for Non-GMO, Allergen- and Preservative-free Shopping

7 Useful Apps for Non-GMO, Allergen- and Preservative-free Shopping


With all the confusing ingredient labels on food products today, it can feel overwhelming. Trips to the grocery store are taking up way too much time these days with reading through the laundry-list of ingredients on each product.

What is that ingredient? Is it bad for my health? Is it derived from a food I'm allergic to? Is it non-GMO? Does it contain additives and preservatives?

These 7 apps were created with all of these very concerns in mind. Now you can have better control over what goes in your body and into your home.

Check out these apps for faster, safer and healthier shopping, right at your fingertips.

  • Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide A highly trusted source for non-GMO shopping is, of course, The Non-GMO Project’s Shopping Guide. The Non-GMO Project Product Verification Program’s mission is to help consumers make more informed choices in their purchases. More and more companies are deciding to become certified through the Non-GMO Project and it is updated regularly with new Non-GMO products and companies and other useful tips and information.
  • ipiit, The Food Ambassador ipiit takes it a step further than warning you about GMOs. This app allows you to choose from a wide selection of unwanted ingredients including food allergens, preservatives and other questionable ingredients. Scan any food product and those unwanted ingredients will quickly be revealed to you. Rating foods on ipiit will help add to its growing library to help keep the ipiit community informed, so everyone can share in promoting healthier food choices.
  • Buycott Buying from ethical companies is very important to conscious consumers. Buycott will help you identify companies that align with your ethos. This cool app can trace food products back to it’s original farm source and all the companies involved in bringing the food to the grocery store. This totally free app also has a list of contacts for each company, so you can give feedback to companies about your concerns, support and hopes!
  • Chemical Maze Scary chemicals can be lurking in your everyday food items and household products. Chemical Maze will help you avoid these ‘bad boys’ and give you the choice to eliminate them from your purchase. This app will tell you chemical, it’s effects, origin and/or symptoms associated with a chemical ingredient. You are able to pay and upgrade this app to include added features, however this one is completely free.
  • FooduCate This app allows you to scan a product’s bar code to identify GMOs and other potentially harmful ingredients. This app can also help you stay on top of your weight-loss goals by sticking with real foods and logging calories and water consumption.
  • True Food This app gives you a real-time shopping guide for non-GMO living. New alerts are provided daily with news and tips on clever ways to avoid GMOs and other chemical ingredients as well as where to find organic and GMO-free options instead!
  • Clueat Clueat gives you key information about potential food buys. It will alert you of important nutrition information, GMO contamination and other warnings catering to the conscious consumer, and people with allergies or dietary restrictions.

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