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7 Habits of People Who Awaken

Woman meditating at sunrise awaken


Protestant minister—and Buddhist meditation teacher—Victor M. Parachin identifies the habits that can lead to wisdom.

Perhaps the most famous of all the stories about the Buddha is a conversation that took place shortly after his enlightenment. As the Buddha was walking along a path, he encountered a man with whom he exchanged simple greetings. The man noticed immediately that the stranger on the path exuded extraordinary calm, confidence, serenity, and stability. This led him to stop the Buddha and ask: “My friend, are you a god?” “No,” said the Buddha. The man continued: “Then are you a scholar of holy books?” Again, the Buddha answered no. “Perhaps you are a priest, then, who is advanced in matters of ritual and chanting?” Yet again the Buddha smiled and said no. “Then who are you, my friend?” the man finally asked. The Buddha replied directly and concisely: “I am awake!” The meaning of the Buddha’s answer is accurately explained by Buddhist monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu, who says that the Buddha “awakened to the fact that there is an undying happiness, and that it can be attained through human effort.” That means whether one is wealthy or poor, healthy or ill, younger or older, married or single or div …

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Victor M. Parachin M.Div., C.Y.T. is a Vedic teacher, yoga instructor, Buddhist meditation teacher, and...

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