10 Powerful Affirmations Based on the Phoenix

10 Powerful Affirmations Based on the Phoenix

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Based on the imagery of a phoenix, these affirmations will help you rise from the ashes and emerge victorious.

There’s a reason phoenix artwork, tattoos, and other imagery abound in our society. The sacred bird of myth offers such a powerful concept: the idea of rising from the ashes, stepping forward, and becoming ... spectacular. Phoenixes are immortal, but I think what really appeals to most people is the transformational aspect.

Sometimes pain, suffering, loss, and transition can engulf us, but in truth, as we are inside a crucible we are also becoming new versions of ourselves. We can turn these trials-by-fire into an opportunity to burn off anything unwanted and reveal a new sense of self. Use these phoenix-inspired affirmations to celebrate any aspect of stepping forward from a fiery past and into your full glory.

  1. Every dawn, I am born anew.
  2. I welcome my transformation.
  3. Still, I rise.
  4. I am newly strong and wise.
  5. Destruction is part of creation.
  6. I trust the supernova inside me.
  7. I am fierce and free.
  8. I release what no longer serves me.
  9. A new vision of myself is emerging.
  10. I am fire-forged—unstoppable.

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