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Featured Artist: Carmen García Gordillo

Pink Cactus by Carmen García Gordillo

Pink Cactus by Carmen García Gordillo

With an assist from Google Translate, S&H editor Ben Nussbaum and Spanish artist Carmen García Gordillo discussed dreams, snakes, yoga, and much more.

S&H: How long have you been an illustrator? What led you to this career? García Gordillo: Painting has been my job for over 30 years. Mostly I have done large-format paintings on canvas or paper, and only occasionally some illustration work, usually book covers. With the economic crisis (of 2008), I continued painting but mostly in smaller formats. I started drawing with colored pencils, gouache, using collage. Later I began drawing with the iPad, which is what I use the most today. One thing led to another ... and so illustration became my main activity, and painting took a back seat. Your images like the one with the angel projecting light from her hand—do you have a story in your mind and then create an image to match the story? Well, it depends. Sometimes the image comes first and sometimes it is the story or the feeling that you want to convey that appears first. This illustration is part of a series about winged beings and represents dream and inspiration. Dreams have always been important to me. I dream a lot and sometimes I have more permanent memories of dreams than of real experiences. Y …

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Ben Nussbaum is the Editor in Chief of Spirituality & Health.

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