14 Affirmations for Processing Anger

14 Affirmations for Processing Anger

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Anger can grant us tremendous strength but can become destructive, too. Here are affirmations for acknowledging anger, moving through it, and releasing it.

Some of our emotions get better billing than others. Joy, kindness, happiness—everyone wants a second servings of those. But there is a growing awareness that emotions such as anger are important, too. If we don’t allow space for them, we may fall victim to toxic positivity. And anger can serve a very useful purpose, sending a strong signal that we feel a line has been crossed.

Maybe we feel we aren’t being listened to, or an important need is not being met. Anger can drive us to take action, to pursue justice, to get off our butts either collectively or as individuals. Anger can grant us tremendous strength. But anger can easily become destructive. Here are 14 affirmations for processing anger, to acknowledge anger and move through it.

  1. I can feel white hot anger, and still remain at peace surrounding that.
  2. Anger is a necessary emotion; it’s okay to experience it.
  3. I welcome all my emotions, even when they feel big.
  4. I can release this anger upwards into the air, like incense smoke.
  5. I choose to liberate this feeling in positive, not negative ways.
  6. I breathe in calm and love.
  7. Under pressure, I will be responsive—not reactive.
  8. Staying calm is becoming easier and easier.
  9. I can choose to react in a loving and peaceful way.
  10. I will model the change I want to see in the world.
  11. I hear this strong message from my body and honor it.
  12. This is a difficult movement, but I’m keeping steady.
  13. I acknowledge these powerful feelings, observing and watching.
  14. I hold space for this emotion for the brief time it serves me, then I release it.

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