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The Right Mindset to Conquer and Thrive With Gluten and Other Food Allergies

Courtesy of Happy Campers Gluten Free

“We have learned over the years that with the right mindset, changing your diet doesn’t have to feel monumental.”

If you or someone close to you have been living with food allergies for some time, you know that it can be tough and it can get you down. If you’re new to the world of food allergies, then the challenge often seems monumental, if not insurmountable.

We’ve been running a gluten-free and allergy-friendly food business for over 10 years and customers often write to us in despair. It’s so tough and we wish no one would have to go through these challenges. On the other hand, we’ve seen everyone emerge on the other side victorious. And most of the time, they are feeling better and healthier than ever. We have learned over the years that with the right mindset, changing your diet doesn’t have to feel monumental.

There are two key steps to reaching the right mindset:

1) Know that the beginning will be tough. Realize upfront that it is going to take time and tenacity, and be ready for some struggle. But know and take comfort in this: it will absolutely 100 percent get easier. We have found that the initial three months are by far the hardest because there is so much to learn, some confusion, and oftentimes, anger. However, going into the “adventure” knowing that struggle lies ahead, and knowing that it will get easier, makes you more ready for it.

2) Focus on the joy of learning, rather than falsely set expectations. It’s vital that you focus on the process of learning and figuring this whole new diet thing out. Learning and figuring things out is incredibly empowering and fun. So often, we create expectations that things should go a certain way and if they don’t, we’re disappointed. Forget the expectations. With focus on learning, you will start connecting the dots. It starts getting easier, you start mastering it, you build confidence and you emerge on the other side so much richer and better off.

In the end, enjoying a thriving life full of health and energy is so worth it. We often remember the story of Jan's mom, who was diagnosed with a life-threatening gluten allergy in 2007. She spent the prior 10 years of her life in and out of hospitals, unable to work and incapacitated, nobody knew what was wrong with her. Then her life turned around. She has the best attitude, she’s not angry about losing those years and she’s so grateful for being able to enjoy life again.

We think of needing to eat gluten-free as a blessing in disguise. It totally sucked at first, but it led us to discover a life-changing lesson: The power of food in how it makes you feel. After making the switch to a new diet, many people continue their newly discovered interest in food. They start eating healthier overall and discover a completely new level of health and well-being.

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