11 Affirmations for Sweet Slumber

11 Affirmations for Sweet Slumber


If 2 am is when your mind wants to unpack an irrelevant convo from ages ago or wander to worry, these 11 sleep affirmations will help rein in your thoughts for restful slumber.

Bing! It’s 2 am and you’re awake—again—for no apparent reason. A few tosses and turns later, and your mind is galloping off to some distant horizon.

Try these 11 sleep affirmations to rein in your thoughts and return to rest.

  1. I ground myself with the calming energy of the Earth.
  2. My thoughts pass like clouds in the sky.
  3. Sleep returns to me easily.
  4. I gently slip back into dreamland.
  5. This problem can be better examined in the light of day.
  6. The endless night sky embraces me.
  7. My body relaxes effortlessly on the bed.
  8. I release all tension easily, starting with my toes.
  9. Though my mind is spinning, I can rest in the stillness of my being.
  10. Daylight will bring clarity to this subject.
  11. I place these thoughts at the feet of my dreams.

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