Adaptogen Smoothies Want to Help De-Stress Your Day

Adaptogen Smoothies Want to Help De-Stress Your Day


“As we all currently navigate this global pandemic, it’s paramount that we nourish our bodies with food and drink that work to reduce our stress and enhance our immunity.”

Stress is a complicated thing. We need it for survival. It keeps us keenly aware of possible threats. But it also has a way of subtly, and not so subtly, creeping into every facet of our daily lives, leaving us feeling anxious, unbalanced, and wildly out of sorts at times.

Fortunately, managing stress just got a lot easier … and more delicious.

Adaptogens are ancient herbs used to bring your body into homeostasis. In other words, balance. They’re more commonly defined as herbs that protect the body against physical, mental, and emotional stress by strengthening the immune system. There are 15 recognized adaptogen herbs, each with their own dynamic health benefits.

“Adaptogen herbs have been used in ayurvedic practice for thousands of years to help calm anxiety,” says Amanda Hester-Smith, Bala Veda co-founder.

Looking for ways to actively reduce stress in her life and her family’s, she began considering an ayurvedic approach to their diet. That, and surfing. Lots of surfing. And yoga. What she discovered was adaptogens provided a measure of prevention and protection when it came to overall health.

“Once I started putting adaptogens in my own daily smoothies, I could see a noticeable difference in my stress levels, as well as a boost in my immunity,” she continues.

According to Hester-Smith, by introducing adaptogen herbs into the family's diet, they were taking the necessary steps to bring their physical bodies into balance and harmony, helping not only to fortify themselves against stressors that cause sickness, but to revitalize the energies associated with their complete self.

“To us, that seemed pretty deep and fulfilling—and something that everyone could benefit from,” says Hester-Smith, “so, we decided to bottle it. And Bala Veda was born.”

As we all currently navigate this global pandemic, it’s paramount that we nourish our bodies with food and drink that work to reduce our stress and enhance our immunity. Adaptogens can play an important role in helping us reimagine our respective diets for these uncertain times.

“Hopefully, that’s where our smoothies can inspire and help make a difference,” Hester-Smith concludes.


TULSI – Balances your moods and energy
ASTRAGALUS – Boosts the immune system
ASHWAGANDHA – Aids in depletion and supports the nervous system
SHATAVARI – Anti-inflammatory properties that aid in vitality
CORDYCEPS – Increases physical performance, often taken by athletes
ELEUTHERO – Increases nervous system function
BRAHMI – Helps memory, focus, concentration, clarity, and awareness
ASIAN GINSENG – Gives your body usable energy, aids the adrenals in dealing with stress
SHILAJIT – Helps you punch through walls and hectic days
RED REISHI – Pretty much everything
LICORICE – Supports adrenal function and helps other herbs work together effectively
RHODIOLA – Helps with exhaustion, stress, and depression
DANG SHEN – Great for immunity and deficiency replacement
SCHISANDRA – An anti-inflammatory and liver antioxidant
AMALAKI – Renowned for its immunity and anti-aging heroics

More about current Bala Veda smoothie flavors:
Dragonfruit + Lemon + Strawberry with Asian Ginseng and Brahmi
Mango + Guava + Orange with Cordyceps and Eleuthero
Banana + Cherry + Cocoa with Ashwagandha and Rhodiola

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Co-founded by ayurvedic practitioner, certified yoga instructor, and herbal medicine-maker Amanda Smith (aka mom, wife, and entrepreneur), Bala Veda was born of a struggle to find balance and healing. That journey led Smith to herbalism, ayurveda, and adaptogens (life’s natural stress balancers) which quickly found their way into her morning smoothies—and, ultimately, Bala Veda was formed.

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