Burnout to Balance

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Lindsay Stripling

Reiki master Kelsey J. Patel shares how journaling can help you release the root causes of burnout.

TIMES OF UNCERTAINTY, while incredibly difficult, can also be an incredible opportunity to look at what in our lives we can shift, upgrade, or adjust. This might even mean changing your belief system in a way that benefits both your individual self and the collective. So often when people are experiencing change in their lives, the physical body reacts and responds to the perceived stress and goes into a state of burnout. Whatever the manifestation, the root cause of burnout is the same: The body, mind, and spirit are out of harmony or balance. To get back into harmony, you need to support the mechanics and physics of the entire system. When I journal regularly, I get more familiar with what’s going on with me, what’s controlling me that I might not be aware of. Journaling allows a person to pluck thoughts out of their mind and put them down on a piece of paper so they can become a witness to their own mind. It’s like catching a butterfly and examining it under a microscope to understand what it’s really made of. Writing brings feelings to the surface so I can process them and see what’s really com …

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Kelsey J. Patel is a spiritual coach, Reiki master, and wellness expert and has helped thousands struggling with burnout and...

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