20 Affirmations to Help You Through the Holidays

20 Affirmations to Help You Through the Holidays


The holidays can extinguish the brightest light. Here's how to keep yours burning.

What is it about the holiday season that sets us off? Maybe it's because stores start trying to sell us on Christmas even before Halloween has even arrived, or maybe it's the way family gatherings have a way of bringing out the worst possible dynamics.

We can experience great joy during the holidays, gathering together with loved ones. As a child, Thanksgiving was the one time all year that my big, messy extended family would come together on one of the islands in Hawaii. Since everyone was spread around the state, we could easily go all year without seeing each other. I was always excited for a few days to run wild with my cousins, whom I adore. However, as an adult, I understand all too well how those gatherings can get complicated fast.

I say bring back the magic! Let's return to the heart of the season:

1. I choose to create and continue traditions that are meaningful to me.

2. I get to choose how I respond to any situation.

3. When I am tired, I can rest.

4. I can turn down any invitation that does not appeal to me.

5. I can choose to shift dynamics that no longer support me.

6. I carry the light of the divine within me always.

7. I get to bring a fresh response to every relationship.

8. I choose to eat foods that bring me life and vitality.

9. I listen to my body and what it needs.

10. I give generously with my presence.

11. My love is multifaceted, and giving does not require money or wrapping paper.

12. I choose to make every interaction meaningful.

13. I welcome input from everyone’s perspective even if it differs from my own.

14. Kindness is a gift I carry with me always.

15. I release expectations and welcome each moment as it arrives.

16. My story shapes my reality and I get to write my own story.

17. I don't have to explain myself, I can just say “no.”

18. There is magic at the heart of this season; I choose to connect with that.

19. I offer compassion to myself and those I come in contact with.

20. I recognize and appreciate the many gifts that exist right now in my life.

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