poem: Soul Bird

poem: Soul Bird

from our poet of the month, Deborah Anne Quibell

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You may scream and weep / until your tears can no longer / extinguish the flames


There will come a time,
when you will be asked
to place your inner belongings
at the feet of a Love you are yet to know.

That to which your heart clings the most
will be asked of you.

You may be angry at the request.

You may scream and weep
until your tears can no longer
extinguish the flames
that burn the hands of your heart.

You may feel betrayed at the demand.

You may resist and fight
until your strength can no longer
hold back the shovel
that is digging up your soul.

Lay down, sweet one.
Let the clearing happen.

Somewhere, deep within, you know.

The soul bird
has been buried
for too many tired years.

And she knows the way out.

And soon.

Her sweet call will swell from your pulse
out into the world
that needs her so.

Listen to Deborah read Soul Bird:

Quibell explained her approach to poetry to Spirituality & Health:

It has taken me many years to allow my behind-closed-door poems (my mystical secrets) to make their way out into the world.

But slowly, as I started to allow them to seep out into the world, I found them taking on a whole new life outside of myself. It was as if the poems were given wings, and the words allowed others to fly to the same sacred and holy places within themselves.

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Select poems from Soul Bird: Poems for Flying by Deborah Anne Quibell. Copyright © 2019 by Deborah Anne Quibell. Reprinted with permission of Mandorla Books.

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