Poem: The Yellow Boat

Poem: The Yellow Boat

from our poet of the month, Deborah Anne Quibell


"It was already dropped / long ago. / You cannot venture out alone too far."


When the clouds move in,
find a yellow boat
to take your tangled hair
and untamed heart
out to the horizon.

To the place where
rough seas are not feared.

The place where the shifting winds
sing about the consistency
of change.

Sure as the clouds move in,
they shall move out.

Sure as the sun descends,
it shall rise soon after.

Sure as the heart breaks,
it shall be glued back together.

Sure as the soul leaves,
it shall return again.

Sure as your mind questions,
it shall rest
in the answers.

When you ache,
don’t focus on the clouds.

Find your yellow boat,
the state of heart
that will (somehow) transport you
to the wise one
who holds the rope
and the anchor.

It was already dropped
long ago.

You cannot venture out alone too far.

Listen to Deborah read The Yellow Boat:

Deborah Quibell explained her approach to poetry to Spirituality & Health:

Sometimes, I feel as if the Voice is rising up from a deep place within me—swirling upward from the depths. Sometimes, I feel as if the top of my head cracks open and the Voice comes down—descending from above. The movement seems to flow in both directions. 

Reaching up and descending down—my poetry straddling the gap somewhere between divinity and humanity, between the sacred and the profane, honoring both sides, both Voices. You will find this is mirrored in the shifting perspective of the poems that I share. Sometimes, the Voice speaks to me. Sometimes, I speak to the Voice. A lot of times, I am not sure who is speaking. 

Hopefully the poems will fly into your heart, inspiring your own unique expression and flight, as well, beautiful friend.

Let us begin. The cage door is never locked. And if we stay inside, our heart will never know the freedom of flying.

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Select poems from Soul Bird: Poems for Flying by Deborah Anne Quibell. Copyright © 2019 by Deborah Anne Quibell. Reprinted with permission of Mandorla Books.

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