Week 5: Using Your Ability to Help Yourself

Week 5: Using Your Ability to Help Yourself

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Learn to listen to your own intuition.

Many people wish and hope that they can be able to use their intuition so that they can help themselves emotionally, spiritually, physically, or financially. Today, I am going to be giving you the secret of how to do that.

Last week we focused on reconnecting with our intuition and being able to bring it forward and learn how to trust and connect with our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. We focused on being appreciative of the advice and guidance that we are receiving from them.


This week we are going to use this information to benefit our lives in every way possible. Do not allow yourself to shy away or fear the information. But have trust and confidence in the information that is coming through us. Whether it be through dreams, through a stranger, through a vision, or with your voice in your own head which is your guide.

So many of us are not on the path that we are meant to be on. We may be too far to the left or too far to the right and some of us are even behind. That is the focus of this week. Getting back on our path, being connected to who we are and where we are meant to be. Fulfilling our destiny and connecting with our purpose.

Receiving Guidance

In order to do this, we must have a relationship with our guides so that we can be directed and know the information that is coming to us. Your guides will be able to give you information. Some of us may need tools to receive this information but the best tool that I can offer to all of you is the tool of meditation. Some of us will be chosen and told to go to the mountains, some of us will be told to go to the shores of an ocean or to the edge of a lake or some type of water. Each and every one of us is going to be shown a different sign, a different place for us to be able to connect. For us to go to this meditation and become back in balance so that we can have a clear channel and information coming through us from our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides.

Be Prepared

Once this information comes down I always advise people to write it down quickly because we often forget the information because we get so mind-boggled by the things that are still left to do in the real world: chores, responsibilities, family, work, or whatever it may be. Do not forget to have a voice memo or a pen and paper with you to take notes so you do not forget the messages that are being shown to you. Whether the message becomes clear today or a week from now, or even a month from now.

Eventually, the information will be beneficial to you in many ways. When you have challenges, you allow yourself to think too much which is what most people do. You think too much and try to control the situation. It is a must to let go of control in order for the information to flow through you. Be open-minded and inhale positive through your nose and exhale negative through your mouth. Let yourself be free.

Try this and let me know how it works out for you.

Up next: Putting the Intuitive Information That We Received to Work.

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