Heal Your Family

Heal Your Family


Author Magui Block describes her system for healing families.

Using the Magui Block Method, you will lovingly transform what you find heavy about your family so that the only thing that comes to you from your family is what drives you toward life achieving your greatest potential. Whether you have taken personal growth courses before or are a beginner, this book was written with you in mind. Using the knowledge I have acquired through more than twenty-five years of experience as a psychotherapist, I have combined the most advanced and powerful techniques into the Magui Block Method so that you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

About the book

A seasoned psychotherapist shares loving guidance and proven methods that help families free themselves from past burdens and behaviors, heal naturally, and embrace the power of unconditional love in Heal Your Family.

Magui Block initiated into psychotherapy more than 25 years ago, studying various specializations and finally creating her own method for achieving extraordinary results in very little time. Currently, she offers diplomas for training professional facilitators in the Magui Block Method, besides offering consultations and continually creating tools for transforming through love.

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