A Mystery School’s Place in a Modern World

A Mystery School’s Place in a Modern World

Ancient teachings long held in every wisdom tradition are being unlocked now, as both practical and magical. Unlock yourself!

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What can the ancient wisdom schools teach us about living in our modern world? Haven’t we evolved as a species with all our innovations, our technology, our ability to multi-task and think strategically, our sense of increasing independence? Look how much we can accomplish in an hour compared to what was possible only a few years ago. Look at how we approach problem-solving with the multitude of resources at our fingertips to push through what we believed were obstacles. Now we can live well into our 80’s and 90’s overcoming disease and death. Surely what was taught thousands of years ago to a select few has no application for humanity, for our world… for me.

How arrogant we’ve become in our attempts to become something more!

Our ancestors once knew that everything was connected; that we live as part of a unified universe where each species, each cell, each atomic particle is part of an intricately woven energy field. These ancient peoples knew what quantum physicists, astrologers, mathematicians and meta-physicians are now proving. They aren’t new discoveries, but rather radical remembrances essential to an evolutionary returning. The great wisdom was never lost during the thousands of years between then and now. Rather the teachings were relegated to living schools in various traditions, each capable of maintaining the teachings until human consciousness was again ready to live in harmony, anchoring peace on our Earth. These schools were often referred to as mystery schools.

Mystery schools assumed the responsibility to keep our inherited wisdom alive—to ensure the wisdom was not misplaced, misused or watered down into the lowest common denominator of the current human environment. It was a vigil of compassion, not always easy or rewarding by external measurement. Nonetheless, the leaders trusted and waited and continued teaching the few who were chosen, or brave enough to choose themselves, to be the lineage bearers, the way-showers for our future. It was a vigil essential for our world.

What can we learn in this 21st century from the ancient wisdom schools?

  • We can remember our body’s innate wisdom - wisdom impossible to replicate through sophisticated technology or reasonings of the mind. In fact, our bodies are the greatest of all technology; constantly receiving, transforming and transmitting energy and information. Our bodies are not separate from all Creation. Rather it’s our untethered thoughts and fears that cause us to feel isolated. Our bodies are star maps made of the same elemental ingredients as the stars themselves.
  • As powerful as our thinking capacity has become, the path to embodied wisdom is through direct experience. Books and lectures can provide perspective. But wisdom uniquely emerges and takes root through experience. We don’t have to relegate our wisdom to others.
  • We can learn to quiet our mind so the endless divisive nature of thought is trained into stillness rather than reactivity. We can stabilize stillness within the movement of a single conscious breath. (Try: Our One Breath Meditation) In stillness, we can know our wholeness.
  • We can experience that death is yet another state of Consciousness rather than an end. Like the ancients, we can approach death awake, without fear, knowing that the quality of my consciousness matters. Dying lucid is a gift to all sentient beings. And if I train to die awake, I train to live awake.

We can learn this and more within experiential offerings like the Nine Gates Mystery School where these teachings resurface not as new age thought, but as the oldest and truest wisdom long held for us all. If you’re reading this article, you may feel something resurfacing inside yourself. Maybe it’s a longing in your heart for more kindness, compassion and honesty, or a sense of destiny that you must step into… even if you’re resistant. The ancient peoples knew this returning would happen. It has to happen. For humanity must eventually stand up and serve its role in the evolution of Consciousness Itself.

The practical and magical are woven together within each of us. Within the human experience, the mystery lives. We can train like the sages to be of benefit. What will it take? When students of Nine Gates ask me, “If I develop these skills, what will be asked of me?” my answer is always the same. “It will ask everything of you. Would you dare ask anything less of yourself?”

Perhaps you are part of the handful who insist, even at great loss and ridicule, on abiding within the ancient wisdom, protecting it and nurturing its remembrance. Perhaps it will be this handful who usher back in what has always been there for us to rediscover, what has always been ours to reclaim… our own true Self, living purposefully, belonging, being of benefit.

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