How to Grow a New Body

How to Grow a New Body

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For millennia, medicine men and women have known the secrets to a long and healthy life.

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We live in challenging times. All too often our minds, emotions, and bodies are out of sorts. We know it, but we tend to ignore it until something goes very wrong—and then, we turn to modern medicine to fix it. The problem is, most doctors tend to treat symptoms, and the underlying causes go unrecognized and untreated for months, years, even decades.

In the West we have a disease-care system wherein medicine recognizes thousands of ailments and myriad remedies. It is a fragmented and temporary approach to health that is fraught with debilitating side effects.

As we age, we grow feeble in body and mind, forgetting the names and faces of those we once loved best, unable to care for ourselves—sometimes with catastrophic consequences. More often than not, we end up in an elder care facility, where “care” may be a subjective term.

Shamanism identifies just one ailment and one cure.

  • The ailment: Alienation from our emotions, our bodies, the Earth, and Spirit.
  • The cure: The experience of primeval Oneness with all, which restores inner harmony and facilitates recovery from all maladies, regardless of origin.

Shamans recognize the body as a system, not as a collection of parts that can be medicated or replaced when they go wrong. For millennia, medicine men and women have known the secrets to a long and healthy life.

They discovered healing plants, which we now know are loaded with genetic modifiers that switch on the genes that create health and switch off the genes that create disease. The ancient shamans’ lifestyle and spiritual practices kept stress levels low, so they were not plagued with the harmful hormones that keep many Westerners in a constant state of fight-or-flight.

Today, we know how to detox the brain and body from the harmful elements in our air, food and water. We know that if we carefully combine a diet rich in phytonutrients with supplements that regenerate our cells, and with the experience of Oneness, we can grow a new bodyhealthy and balanced.

I am living proof that this is possible. You can learn how I did this in my latest book, Grow a New Body. Best of all you will also learn how you too can do it.

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