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Your Personal Hero Quest

How to Solve the Doing vs. Being Paradox and Live More in Flow

Quest Final

Art by Andrea D'Aquino

About 4,000 years ago, young Sumerians dutifully copied wedge-shaped symbols that had been pressed into clay tablets with a reed stylus. The tablets they copied recorded a poem about King Gilgamesh, a tyrant who ruled Uruk in what is now Iraq. The poem is about the king’s quests for immortality through great deeds, but it’s ultimately about transformation: a man who finally conquered his own inner fear of not being good enough and gained the strength to be. The “Tyrant King” grew to be called “The King Who Saw the Deep.” …

Erik Sean Larson

Erik Sean Larson is an existential psychotherapist and conscious leadership expert who lives in Northern Michigan on a 40-acre farm. There he created the Hero Quest model to distill and teach the wisdom he has gained from the heroic journeys shared in his years of practice. For our 20th Anniversary, the staff of S&H chose to go through his workshop, and then worked with Erik to adapt the quest for the magazine. We think you’ll enjoy and value taking the journey, 

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