Overcoming Blockages and Being Stuck

Overcoming Blockages and Being Stuck


Q. I sometimes feel energetically stuck or blocked when I contemplate changes I want to make, or ideas that I want to explore. Why does this happen and what can I do to get things flowing again?

We all get stuck or blocked at times. It’s often part of the process of change or transition to spend time in a holding pattern, circling around a known issue or obstacle. It can feel like a powerful vortex that’s stronger than the momentum required for things to flow.

I usually describe this stuck or blocked place as resistance. Resistance to movement, change, transition, evolution, progress accompanied by anxiety about the unknown and unfamiliar. Resistance is powerful, and often unconscious. We get excited and stimulated by the idea of something new, yet when it comes to taking the steps to launch the new idea or step into the new experience, a frozen state emerges, and inertia sets in.

Five years ago, I shifted my classroom-based curriculum to a mostly online program. There were a lot of steps involved to redesign the courses and launch my online business. I marched through them purposefully, with clear intention about what I was creating. Until I stalled. I suddenly found myself avoiding the majority of tasks required to complete the transition.

Realizing that I was sitting in a place of powerful resistance, I knew I needed to meet it head on, and see what I was holding that kept me frozen in stasis.

I meditated on each chakra, inviting my emotional energy body to inform my awareness. I learned quite a few things.

My first chakra felt exhausted and depleted by the mountain of tasks that I had accomplished thus far, as well as the smaller hill of tasks requiring completion. I was resisting using my energy to complete the project.

My third chakra was still running its volition energy toward the old business model, where face-to-face work was the primary focus of my time. I could sense the pull to create a similar business in my new location, because it was a known and familiar model that I knew would be successful.

My fifth chakra was organized around a different kind of authority than what I’d need to cultivate as an online teacher. I was accustomed to the impact I generated from being physically present and ‘holding court’ at the front of the classroom.

My sixth chakra was vibrating an uncompromising belief that an online business was likely to fail. It was too big of a risk, too much work, with no guarantee of success.

Once I knew which chakras were blocked and stuck, I took up the work of moving through my resistance.

In my first chakra, I ran a lot of energy to increase vitality and overcome inertia.

Imagine bringing fresh, bright green energy up from the center of the Earth, through your feet, up your legs and into your first chakra to replenish and vitalize.

In my third chakra, I ran a lot of energy (see above), and I did some visualization work, creating images of myself actively engaged in my online business.

Imagine the third chakra flowing with volition and vitality toward what you want to create. See yourself thriving, enjoying the tasks and activities, actualizing your brilliant idea.

My work in the fifth chakra included imagining and visualizing owning my impact in the online medium.

Imagine the fifth chakra resonating your message to your tribe, achieving the desired impact, fostering connection through grounded authority and authenticity.

My sixth chakra required a bit more effort. I took responsibility for the belief systems I was holding and reframed them so that I could move forward with enthusiasm and conviction.

Write down the belief systems that are inhibiting forward movement. Acknowledge their presence, and then rewrite them.
Use positive, now-based language to create intentions. I am successful (not I will succeed). I am creating…I am thriving…I am enjoying.

When you feel blocked or stuck, tune in to your chakras, owning whatever insights you receive from your meditative inquiry. And then take action to move the resistance through.

Resistance to change is normal. Feeling blocked and stuck is normal. Letting resistance overtake forward momentum and progress is normal for some period of time, but becomes a concern when goals and ideas are shelved because resistance is running the show.

When blockages and feeling stuck are framed as resistance, it can be depersonalized, sifted, sorted and released. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

What other questions do you have about energy?

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