Can You Capture Your Aura with a Kirlian Photograph?

Can You Capture Your Aura with a Kirlian Photograph?


Here's what a Kirlian photograph says about your aura.

Q. What does my Kirlian photograph of my aura say about me and my energy?

Kirlian photography registers the image of the field of energy or aura around its subject. The person being photographed puts his hand on a couple of magnetic contacts and the photo is snapped. The aura surrounding the head and shoulders of the subject is captured and printed. The colors range the rainbow spectrum, along with dark, black, cloudy blotches.

These photographs are often available at metaphysical and New Age conferences and expos. The photographs typically cost between $30 and $45. They’ve become increasingly popular over the past 5-7 years. Some entrepreneurial mystics will base a psychic reading or spiritual guidance around the swirling energies that show up in the photograph.

Kirlian photographs are interesting, and can be a fun way to spend your discretionary income. It’s important not to associate too much meaning into a Kirlian photograph. Think about this for a moment:

If I snapped a picture of you frowning as you read an article in the newspaper, would the photo represent who you are? Of course not! It would represent you while reading the newspaper article. If you put the paper down and started laughing at a dog frolicking outside your window, I could snap another picture. Would that represent you? Not really.

A Kirlian photograph is a picture of your energy field as it existed the moment the photo was taken. The truth is, the aura is always in flow, energy is perpetually in motion. So best case, you’ve got a freeze frame of the moment the picture was taken.

You could have been giddy with excitement about the photograph, or perhaps worried about what it might say about you. Whatever your emotional tenor at the moment, it’s in the photo. And it’s a snapshot of your field in the moment. That’s all it means. Truly.

Color Analysis

The most common color associations for assessing a Kirlian photograph use the rainbow colors of the chakras. Lots of red means your 1st chakra is very active. Lots of orange means the second chakra is active, and so on through the violet color of the crown chakra.

When we study energy deeply, we discover that all of the chakras contain all of the colors. There is no such thing as a red first chakra or a violet seventh chakra. The rainbow correlation to the chakras refers to the frequency at which the chakra vibrates. When you want to engage a chakra, meditating on its frequency will bring you into relationship with the energy of the chakra. But you won’t see a red, orange or yellow ball. If you do, you’re simply looking at the frequency of the chakra, not the chakra’s innards.

A clairvoyant view of a chakra will include varying amounts of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, violet, black, brown, white and grey (often lots of black & grey).

The same is true for the aura. Each of the seven layers of the aura, which correlate to the 7 chakras, will be awash in bright, rainbow colors, as well as muddy, dense colors along the lines of Grey Poupon mustard.

What is the most valuable thing you can do with your Kirlian photograph?

You can become conscious of and own Your Energy, and extract the energy that belongs to others.

Take a look at the image. (Or, imagine your aura, and its colors)
Be curious, gentle
Notice the bright colors and shapes
Notice the darker and/or whitish blotches
Own the bright, vibrant colors and swirly shapes —
That’s your energy
Disown the dark, murky colors and voids or holes —
That’s NOT your energy
Extract the energy that is not yours
Imagine a vacuum hose that extracts the dark colors and releases them into the Earth for recycling
Replenish your energy
Flow rainbow colors into your aura, spilling the excess into the Earth

The exercise above can be used without a Kirlian photograph by imagining and tuning into the aura and its colors.

Everyone’s energy field carries other people’s energy. Loved ones and stranger’s energies alike, entering through excessively open chakras, porous energy boundaries and other energy phenomena.

With or without a Kirlian photograph of your aura, you contain a rainbow of radiance within you. Owning and clearing your energy lightens and brightens you up. In fact, people will need sunglasses when they view your aura!

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