An Energy Practice for Debilitating Emotions

An Energy Practice for Debilitating Emotions

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A protocol to use to evolve your energy through intention and attention, and an audio meditation to help guide you.

Q. What energy practices would help me overcome depression, anxiety or other debilitating emotions?

It’s a struggle to contend with escalating emotions like depression, anxiety, fear and phobias. They can mushroom, in spite of attempts to regulate them medically and/or psychologically. You correctly suspect that energy dysregulation may exacerbate the persistent escalation of these emotions. The good news is that energy practices, applied consistently, diffuse and resolve difficult emotional patterns.

Years ago, a client entered my private practice seeking to resolve lifelong depression and anxiety. She’d experienced brief periods of relief as her doctor switched medications or increased dosages, but soon she’d cycle back into depression and anxiety once again. My personal experience with energy healing assured me that over time, she could resolve these issues. I shared the energy clearing practices, and we agreed to check in on her progress in six weeks.

Two weeks later she made a recheck appointment. Not good news, I thought. Free and clear, she announced. For the first time in her memory, she was depression and anxiety free.

Needless to say, I was impressed. I asked her to describe her process. She articulated her focalizing intention to gain balance and equanimity, and her persistent attention to the energy practices.

A clear intention to evolve and focused attention on the energy practices are key to moving beyond debilitating emotional patterns.

Let me ask you, where in your body do you experience the debilitating emotion? Many people can identify where they feel anxiety, depression, fear, grief or phobia in their body. It serves as a clue to which chakra stores the emotional energy. If it’s your lower abdomen, it’s likely your 2nd chakra. If it’s your stomach area (where the ribs come together), it’s your 3rd chakra. If it’s your upper chest, it’s your heart chakra. These are the most common places for storing difficult, escalating emotions. Refer to the Chakras & Organs chart below to get a handle on the placement of the chakras and their associated organs.

Here’s a protocol to use to evolve your energy through intention and attention:

  1. Use your favorite meditative practice to move your awareness within.
    (If you’re new to inner work, sit upright with your feet flat on the floor, placing your hands on your thighs, palms down. Breathe gently and fully, inhale through the nose and exhale out the mouth. As you cycle through 5-10 breaths, notice the inward turn of your attention.)
  2. If you can, identify in your body where you feel the difficult emotion(s) to focus your attention and energy practice and refer to the chart to determine which chakras to clear.
  3. Bring your awareness to the chakra that resonates with the debilitating emotion. Imagine a trap door at the base of the chakra that opens into the Earth. Release the emotional energy through the door. Stick with the release for a few minutes, until you feel a sense of ease, relief emerging.
  4. Direct your attention to your aura, which extends outward from your body 2.5-3 feet in all directions. Name the emotion...depression, anxiety, fear, phobia.
  5. The difficult emotion operates like a computer program and is stored in your aura. As if sweeping a floor, compile the energy into a clump. Sweep it into an imaginary dustpan and empty it into the Earth. Attend to the front, back and sides of your aura. Attend to the space above your head and below your feet. Sweep and empty the emotional energy into the Earth.
  6. Source a golden ball of Cosmic energy from one foot above the top of your head. Replenish your energy field by bringing it down through your crown chakra, dispersing it throughout your aura and chakras. Release any excess energy out your feet, into the Earth.

Want some help bringing this practice together? Listen to the mp3 for this meditation below, and I’ll guide you through it. Once you’ve internalized the practice you’ll be able to do it regularly and move through and beyond the difficult emotion.

You deserve it! Whatever the pattern, it’s not who you are. Liberate your energy, and free up your life. You’ve got this!

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