7 Reasons for Clearing your Chakras and Aura

7 Reasons for Clearing your Chakras and Aura


Clearing and releasing enables you to live with greater presence.

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I’ve been studying and working with the chakras and aura for 27 years, and I appreciate them as tools for getting to the heart of things.

Energy is formative, causative. If I am challenged by an ineffective behavior, or an outdated belief system. If I have a physical issue or concern, I can get to root cause by engaging and clearing my energy field. Nothing happens physically or emotionally that isn’t generated first energetically.

While I could easily offer 100+ reasons why clearing the chakras and aura is essential, I’ll stick to seven. With a bonus…because I can’t help myself!

7 — Your crown chakra connects you to Source, divinity, the Multiverse. It can also be impacted by energies that cloud spiritual awareness and skew the ability to perceive yourself as one with All That Is.

A clear crown chakra authorizes you to live a spiritually rich life, in deep connection to the energies and resources that inspire and support your evolution.

6 — The sixth chakra, in the center of your head, is your idea generator and the keeper of your belief systems. Belief systems can be wildly affirming and expansive. And they can sometimes carry unconscious limitations.

Owning your inner narrative and mining and evolving your beliefs opens up your idea generator to uninhibited potentiality and possibility.

5 — Your throat chakra enables authentic self-expression. When you easily say ‘yes’ when you mean yes and ‘no’ when you mean no, you’re coherent. Yet authenticity isn’t just about your yes’s and no’s. There’s always room to increase your core alignment and to bring your gorgeous self more fully into the world.

Releasing energy in the throat chakra organically shifts your being state. What a gift to effortlessly move in the direction of authenticity and autonomy!

4 — Located in the center of your chest, your heart chakra supports self-love and love and compassion for others. But it’s way bigger than that! Have you ever had a moment where you viscerally understood that we truly are all one? It’s a powerful, yet fleeting awareness. Individuated awareness, connected to everyone and everything, is the ultimate function of the heart chakra.

Clearing the heart chakra releases burden and sorrow, making room for compassion, presence and the ability to take action without overwhelm.

3—The third chakra is your ‘get it done’ center. It galvanizes, marshals and streams energy to support you in meeting your day, every day. Your third chakra is an actualizing resource for your life.

Clearing the third chakra increases vitality, and the ability to complete tasks, manifest ideas, experiences and opportunities. When cleared, the third chakra is a humming pot of productivity, aligned with your desires and intentions.

2 — The second chakra is the seat of emotion. Your emotions. Yet, too often it gets focused on other people’s emotions. An imbalanced second chakra creates caretakers, sensitives and empaths. This is often a result of trauma, where sussing out other people’s emotional states was a way of staying safe and informed. Holding others’ emotional energy displaces your energy. That’s a cause of burnout, and can even lead to a variety of digestive, auto-immune and other physical issues.

Clearing the second chakra brings you home to your own emotional awareness and supports you in being self-contained, letting other people take responsibility for their own emotions and experience. Many emotional issues that are long-standing, like anxiety, depression, rage, fear/phobias, can be resolved through a regular clearing practice in the second chakra.

1 — Your first chakra resonates the energy to acknowledge and achieve your physical needs. When early childhood trauma has been part of one’s experience, it can be difficult to get needs met.

When you clear your first chakra, you can learn to own and meet your needs through effective and empowered self-responsibility.

Remember I promised a bonus? Here it is:

Your aura is your field of potentiality. It’s ideally a free-flowing, vibrant energy state, ready to be harnessed to create and manifest your life. It’s also a repository of energetic patterns that inhibit creativity and your ability to have what you desire. Patterns such as:

  • Programming —conditioned or repetitive behaviors
  • Karma — themes you’re exploring with others
  • Agreements and Contracts —interactions and experiences playing out that fulfill themes you've chosen to explore during your incarnation. Agreements are less concrete energetically than contracts. And both can be released and evolved.

When you activate these patterns in your relationships, the energy moves out of storage in your aura and into the chakras. And then you’re manifesting through the patterns. There goes your freedom of choice and in-the-moment presence!

Clearing and releasing these patterns enables you to live with greater presence, and to choose how to respond (instead of react). You can then grow and thrive in your relationships with authenticity and autonomy.

If clearing your chakras and aura are new skills to you, learn them now through a step-by-step, self-paced course offered by the Energy Healing Institute: The Clear Course.

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