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Introducing the Essenian and Egyptian Therapies

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These therapies represent the basis of excellence in integrating the body with its divine essence.

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The Essenians (Essenes), like the ancient Egyptians, mastered the art of energetic therapies. Both civilizations belonged to a timeless and cosmic tradition based on an in-depth knowledge of the Universal Life of Energy and its circuits.

The Essenian and Egyptian masters were thought to have achieved health at all levels of being due to their cultivation of nondual peace within and compassionate service to others. These therapies represent the basis of excellence in integrating the body with its divine essence, using essential oils and anointment with intention from the practitioner.

These therapies restore a harmonious circulation in the subtle and physical bodies; promote the screening and elimination of toxic thought-forms – often the origin of many diseases; and identify wounded memories blocked in the cells of the body in need of removal.

The ancient and sacred teachings of the energetic healing arts were passed down orally by the Essenians and Egyptians. The teachings remained oral until Daniel Meurois, healing therapist, teacher, and co-author of The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies, began receiving them several years ago (Read more about his journey at For quite some time, Daniel and his wife and coauthor, Marie Johanne C. Meurois, have been training bodyworkers and healing therapists in these methods. They believe the world is in great need of these therapies in its current state of materialism and pain.

“Anyone looking to enrich their practices in bodywork, yoga, Reiki, and other energy work will find the teachings a powerful and invaluable addition to their toolset,” Marie suggests from her own experience with private clients.

Learn more about the Essenian and Egyptian therapies with these resources:

  • The Great Book of Essenian and Egyptian Therapies: The Most Complete Guide of the Subtle Anatomy with Simple and Well Illustrated Treatments:
  • Trainings have been held in France, Italy, Quebec, Spain, and Switzerland and will soon be available in the USA.
  • For questions and inquiries, contact Isabelle Laak, the first person in the USA to be trained in these therapies. Isabelle offers sessions based on donation. Sessions last 1 – 2 hours. [email protected]

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