Toolbox: Writing Well

Toolbox: Writing Well

Create sacred space for crafting your own personal journaling practice with these finds from S&H.

00 Tool Chocolate

Delightfully designed and exquisitely textured, Goodio Chocolate bars are sure to break through any writer’s block—or at least offer sweet procrastination. ($6.95)

07 Tool Honey Candle

The unexpected shape of the Natural Square Pillar candle will spark your imagination and bring comfort and warmth to your darkest hours. ($53.99)

02 Tool Transformation Journal

Each page of the elegant Rituals for Transformation journal offers you a chance for a fresh perspective and the opportunity to explore your hidden beliefs. ($32)

06 Tool Lounge Pants2

Slip into the cozy Kalpana lounge pants, and you can sit in whatever position you please as you find your creative groove. ($54)

“Writing is a process, a journey into memory and the soul.” 

— Isabel Allende
08 Tool Diffuser

With two tanks and separate timers, the aromaTime Ultrasonic Diffuser will infuse the air around you with scents designed to invigorate your writing or settle you down to rest. ($189.95)

05 Tool Pen

If you’re tired of running out of ink mid-thought, get a Seven Year Pen; you’ll keep plastic from the landfill, spend more time writing, and spend less time looking for another pen. ($8.95)

01 Tool Uzma Journal

Made with recycled materials by artisan craftswomen, the blank pages of the beautiful Uzma Plume Journal will inspire your creative expression. ($9)

04 Tool Pen Case

Use the roomy Leather Pen Case to keep your favorite journaling tools easily within reach. ($59)

03 Tool Tarot Cards

When you draw a blank as you sit down to write, pick one of the beautiful cards from The Fountain Tarot Holographic Deck and let it guide your daily exploration. ($31.99)

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