Week 1: What Type of Intuition Do You Have?

Week 1: What Type of Intuition Do You Have?


In this 6-part series, intuitive life coach and healer Tammy Adams offers practices to access your intuition.

As a child growing up as an intuitive, I was looked down upon. These days people are starting to become more aware of their intuition. People are accepting it and starting to realize their own intuition and how gifted they are themselves. In the following weeks, I will offer information about how you can nurture your intuition, but also bring forward the ability that you have within you.

Week 1: What type of intuition do you have?

There are many different types of intuition. There are dream interpreters, clairvoyant people who feel things, people who communicate with Angels, or people who talk to people who have crossed over.


When you were a child, did you sometimes know that someone was going to come over, or that someone was going to call? Did you have dreams that came true? Was there information within your dreams that a few days later you saw come to fruition? So many of us are gifted, yet we do not realize how amazing and powerful our gift is.

Did you see shadows growing up? Maybe you saw spirits walking down the street. Even though this may have been uncomfortable and didn’t feel very pleasing, this may be a gift that you had since you were a child. Most of us don’t really want to see these things as children. Growing up seeing things and having an ability is very hard unless you have someone who helps to explain what’s going on with you.

So many of us have gifts and they don’t even know it until way later in life—a gift you could use that would benefit you in so many ways as well as helping others.

Guardian Angels

Our intuitive gift is something that is with us to guide us, to direct us, and to carry us through our lives. Communicating with our Guardian Angels as they give us messages and signs to help us as individuals throughout our lives. This is not to benefit others, but is something to benefit yourself from the beginning of your life and until your last day on this earth. Your intuition, your connection with your Guardian Angel will always be there. Sometimes we do shut ourselves off. I want to help you to be open once again. I will teach you and give you the knowledge and the knowing of how to do this.

This week I want you to pay attention. See what type of intuition you have. Is it one you had since childhood or is it one that came forward later in life? As you write down the experiences that you have had, you will begin to uncover which gift you have. Are you a medium? Are you a dream interpreter? Are you a clairvoyant? Which gift do you have?

Next up: Get Rid of Blockages to Your Intuition.

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