Diving Deep into The Celestial Sea

Diving Deep into The Celestial Sea

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Pick a subject for adult readers—a subject to cause a stir, something to feed story-hungry minds. What would you choose? Romance? Adventure? Spirituality? Sensuality? Betrayal? Religious Quandary? Erotica? How about Domestic Hilarity? Live Magic would be different. A Battle between Honour, Integrity and True Love might be novel. What about Psychology? Karmic Enlightenment? Or a Mystery Wrapping an Unborn Child? That could be interesting. Forbidden Love is a good subject too—would that grab the reader?

How about a story including all the above? A story that might be true from beginning to end, a story directed by the ‘Something Other’ that makes the magic real and sails a Mystical Boat across uncharted seas?

If you are interested, read on. As the subject, I have had no pre-knowledge of the storyline’s intention; suffice to say the conclusion of the 7th book surprises the writer as much as the reader and leads naturally into the second series, and beyond. All I can say is that the writing reveals a glorious, exciting and heart-wrenching tale.

In a nutshell, this story is written as the on-going, diary narrative of an English housewife who finds herself in the beautiful land of New Zealand, stepping into the adventure of a lifetime, a fantastic adventure where she discovers a Love-match so potent that neither she nor her Lover can stamp out the flame that appears fanned by Angelic forces, no matter how high the barriers they either self-impose or others demand. The bond of her twenty-two-year marriage is seriously challenged as all involved come to terms with the truth that refuses to subside, the moral quandary escalating at the same pace as the undeniable joy. The Lovers’ combined imagination and enjoyment of the written word dances the saga across the pages—pages that spiral the reader into revelatory intimacy of magical proportions, which the subjects hardly dare believe is theirs, let alone claim forever. The quality of the writing grows with the gaining intensity of the story, and with it the terrible realization that a destructive force has been unleashed—a force that requires their full armoury. The unfurling, personal voyages (both negative and positive) are reflected in the ensuing chapters, moving from straightforward prose to more complex content as the central characters play out their destiny journeys on what is to become a spiritual battlefield.

Across oceans and family ties, disgrace and unashamed truth, the struggle between moral law and pure joy gains pace until those involved are reduced to a combination of despair, denial and heartbreak. Where is the karmic battle headed? There are more than two caught up in this unusual saga. Each of the Books has its own synopsis. I won’t say more—the intrigue and spiritual passion cannot be conveyed without reading the whole.

Excerpts from Book 1 The Celestial Sea:

“The Craftsman pauses in his work. Something is stirring; something new, something expected. He lays down his tools, interested. Ah, it is a destiny event; the beginning of a happening. He fills a pipe and turns his attention to the scene below. In a school building, gazing out of a window, stands a woman—lovely. He watches her carefully, catching her drifting thoughts. Their content draws a soft smile to his lips.”


‘Oh, playful Sprite of the Silver Fern,

My Smiling Minstrel, Prince of Elves,

How blessed are we to sail upon this Celestial Sea,

In thought and deed and desire,

Such rare and joyful harmony.

Should we be afraid to travel, just ourselves,

To Heavenly Realms where we can be free?

Deep in embrace, all of you, and all of me,


Dipping the crest of each wave as it rolls,

Pure Spirit alive, and lighting our way.

Side by side with our swords,

Beside Angels we’ll stand,

To alight upon shores of a beloved, known Land,

Let us pray—'

Praise for The Celestial Sea:

Not since reading D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover have I been so deeply moved by a story of love and passion, or so compelling, as The Celestial Sea by author Marina De Nadous. Marina’s words leap from the pages as if they are, in their own right, desperate to be heard, but they glide ever so gently through the mind and into the deep reaches of the soul. The Celestial Sea is an immensely personal and deeply spiritual love story that will snatch your breath and squeeze your heart. And the story takes place in a most unusual and unlikely way.

Who would have thought that cell phone text messages would be the forum for such a spiritual and profoundly rich love affair? A love affair that could only take place in a modern day ‘ether’ that permeates every air wave and every frequency of divine awareness. Marina is more than a gifted teller of tales; she is a poet and we are enriched by this as only a poet could unravel a tale of such eloquence and beauty.

This epic belongs next to all the great literary Love Stories of the ages, but it also deserves a place all by itself. The Celestial Sea is just that; ‘Divine Love’ in an infinite ocean of existence and we are all carried away in the tale. A tale without beginning or end. And what’s more….you’ll just have to find out for yourself. Don’t miss this adventure!

— Review by Carl Bozeman, author of On Being God—Beyond Your Life’s Purpose

Marina de Nadous is a novice author launching a series she has been working on for several years. She considers herself a scribe, recording a story that arrived unexpectedly in her lap. Raised and educated in traditional Britain, Marina steps outside the conventional in her story-telling, taking the reader firmly by the hand as she opens doors to a unique creation and subsequent unraveling. She has a message for all couples; that emotional intimacy and spiritual connection are jewels beyond compare—and that they are achievable.

The author cannot divulge any personal information because it would spoil the emerging plot. Written as a diary narrative, the story includes the beginnings of her writer’s career and the conception of the series. In a way, the story turns itself inside out as the writer’s journey becomes embroiled in the script.

Marina helps run a small, alternative school in Somerset where she lives with her family. She considers New Zealand her second home.

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