You Are Wired for Joy

You Are Wired for Joy

Excerpts from Joyful Living by Amy Leigh Mercree


Affirmation: “I am wired to live joy in all ways. I let my being be healed and tended by the high vibration of joy. My life is optimized for boundless joy.”

You are made to be joyful. Your body wants to find comfort and pleasure. Your heart wants to find love and healthy connection. Your mind wants to find understanding and enjoyment. Your spirit wants to feel the divine spark of delight. All these parts of you are seeking. They are striving to grow, to learn, to create a happy world for you.

Exuberance is within you. You can source your inner being from it. And you can circulate it through your body as a healing and enlivening force. Begin to think of joy not only as a feeling or emotion but also as a type of energy. Like electricity, it flows through things that best conduct it. Your body is the optimum conductor for joy!

It is time for a tune-up to turn up the volume and optimize your joy receptors. It is time for an upgrade so you can feel elation more deeply and amplify its energy in your life and body.

Exercise: Upgrade Your Wiring

To update your joy system, you can experience the process below. Follow along and the directions will take you through the whole rewire. This will help you be more energetically available to feeling delight and experiencing deep happiness. In turn, your health and well-being will be enhanced, and your quality of life will raise. We will start with your mind and then work with your body.


This exercise for the mind is something I use with my medical intuitive clients. It may seem a little bit abstract. Techniques like this one that use visualization of a shape and then moving and changing it have created healing and caused positive shifts in many of my clients over the years. Similar things are done in hypnotherapy.

I believe you can rewire your brain on an energetic level using the visualization we are about to do. There has not been a lot of scientific study around these types of activities thus far, but I am sharing with you what has worked for many people I have worked with over the last fifteen years.

Take a moment to breathe deeply and calm your mind and body. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth, resting it comfortably just behind your front teeth. In yoga and chi gong this is known to help you be more relaxed and focused. In my medical intuitive practice, I have observed that it helps the two sides of the brain work together more easily. Close your eyes for a moment and picture a three-dimensional shape before you. Just let the first thing that comes to mind be there. Notice its color, size, and texture. Envision the shape beginning to spin. See it get going very fast. Let your tongue relax now. Say the word “joy” aloud while aiming the sound into the center of the shape. Sound is powerful and holds vibration strongly. Keep repeating it while the shape changes and discharges energy. When it stops spinning, you can stop saying “joy.” Envision the shape again. Has it changed? Is it a different shape, color, or texture? Do you hear, smell, or taste anything associated with it? It will dissolve in a moment. Strange as it may seem, that exercise rewired your brain for joy. Now it’s time for your body.


Rub your palms together vigorously. With each rub, say the word “joy” aloud. Do this for a minute or two. When it is complete, your hands naturally will slow and stop.

Next, place your fingertips together like a steeple—each thumb to thumb, pointer finger to pointer finger, etc. Pull them apart and bring them together back four times, saying “joy” once each time. Drop your hands, and state aloud, “I now allow my body, mind, heart, and spirit to reconfigure for optimum joy experiences in my life and for my best health. I enact this change for the highest good of all life and in accordance with universal natural law. It is done.”

Say aloud, “Proper universal alignment. Proper universal alignment. Proper universal alignment.” This is a potent phrase that I have used with my medical intuitive clients for the last six years. I have observed that it realigns the body, mind, and spirit with what is for the highest good for the person who says it. Sometimes people feel their spines straighten and their minds clear. Sometimes the change is subtle and quiet, just a whisper of greater well-being.

You’re done! You are rewired for joy. Your body responds to this process because it wants to be lined up with joy, and now it is.

We are all wired to experience boundless joy and lavish bliss.

Excerpts from Joyful Living by Amy Leigh Mercree. © 2016 by Amy Leigh Mercree. Used by permission from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.,

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