Free Meditation - What Meditation Really Means

Free Meditation - What Meditation Really Means

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Meditation has become increasingly popular due to the numerous health benefits attributed to it, such as increased concentration, focus, and a sense of tranquility. Free meditationcourses, webinars, apps, and live sessions are on the rise, with over 21 million people meditating in the United States alone. In spite of free meditationbeing easily accessible on the internet, there still remains confusion about what meditation is. Some may shy away from meditation because it conjures up pictures of silencing the mind and becoming completely still. This may seem completely impossible for those who are on-the-go with little opportunity to sit. Sadhguru, one of the foremost authorities on yoga, sheds light on what meditation really means.

Sadhguru: Meditation is not something that you do; meditation is something that you become. Meditation is not an act; it is a certain quality that you grow into. Why is there a need to become meditative, first of all?

Meditation means giving you an experience, an inner state, where what is you and what is yours is separate. It brings an absolute clarity of perception; you see life just the way it is. Right now, your ability to go through this world is only to the extent that you clearly see it. For example, for thousands of years, people went on arguing about whether the planet is round or flat. Leave all the textbooks that you have read aside, take a walk and see — in your experience, is this planet round or flat? In your experience, it is still flat. This argument could have continued forever, but man started flying. We went up and looked down and it was very clear that the planet was round. We even went to the moon and looked down, and it was 100 percent clear. Only when we removed ourselves from this earth and looked down was there no more argument about it. Otherwise, we would still be arguing.

The same is true for your own body and mind; unless there is a little distance, you don’t see it the way it is, because you are in it. Meditation is a simple process that gives you a little distance from your own mind and your own body. Meditation is the first and the last freedom, because it gives you a gallery view of your own body and your own mind. There can be no suffering once this distance is established.

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