The Gorgeous Glory Of The Goddess Body Shape

The Gorgeous Glory Of The Goddess Body Shape

Beauty comes in all forms and certain types of beauty serve specific purposes.


I can remember being 12 years old, looking in the mirror and loving my goddess body shape. I had full chick hair, clear skin and a strong, healthy structure. I thought that my big bone size and curvy body made me look like a healthy, strong, vibrant woman. As time went on though, it became apparent to me that the world thought women looked good little.

So I struggled to lose weight. I kicked my own behind in the gym and I did lose weight but it was SO hard! Especially since to me a good time included food and laughing with friends. I loved to move, but I was never a fast runner because I was large. I really loved to dance too, but I was one of the big girls in my ballet class.

If I worked out for a couple of hours a day I could get my body to weigh 140 pounds and at that weight, I was skinny. I still had big bones though. It was just so darn hard to maintain. I had a huge appetite and needed to work out literally two hours a day. Like seriously, who even has time for that?

If you have the same issues I’m sure you can totally relate. It likely brings a twinge of sadness and frustration to your heart, like it does mine. So I want to share this good news with you.

This syndrome we share has a name in Ayurveda and it is not considered to be a syndrome, but rather, a body type! Yes, you are a sexy, earth and water dominated Kapha body type! Now how cool is that? Your curves and big bones and thick body are created by the gorgeous foundation of earth.

I will never forget what one of my Energy Healing teachers said to me. She was a tiny lass—5 feet tall, tiny frame and she loved to give big, warm hugs. One day when she was hugging me I said you are so beautiful, so delicate, like a fairy and she said to me you are so gorgeous, so warm and soft and big, like a Goddess! I stepped back from her and at first felt the same shame I always felt when I thought of my size. But then I let the words “like a Goddess” sink in.

From that day forward, I began to open to a new love for my physical form. Sure, I continued to struggle with my weight and body image but at the back of my mind those words would ring through like a bell and I gradually began to feel different about my form.

I started to look at nature and look for examples of strength. I started to notice thick tree trunks that held the weight of expansive branches. I noticed wide rivers that were homes to many layers of life.

Think about earth and all her grace and power for a moment, my curvy friend. From her bosom comes all of the food and nurturance we use to sustain ourselves. You are big because you have a whole lot of love to offer and that is something you sure can feel good about sister!

Those big, compassionate eyes that you have are blessed by the element of water to flow with tears of heartfelt care for others. The fact that you cry when you are happy or sad or mad just shows that you are a huge ball of flowing love.

That thick, crazy main of hair that you sport is a sign of your royal rulership on this planet. You know how to live here on this earth plain. You know how to recognize good food, share good times, create loving bonds and have people feeling great in your presence. You are the leader of love my friend so embrace the fact that you need a Goddess body shape to carry all of those people who will come to you for compassionate guidance!

Beauty comes in all forms and certain types of beauty serve specific purposes.

I feel so inspired to watch delicate people sail about with their wispy appendages and angel like hair! I adore watching chiseled athletes defy gravity and other natural forces, but I have also come to adore the combined softness and strength of my Kapha form.

As a Kapha person you are blessed with great physical stamina and have the ability to override the need for sleep and food if you need to support others. At the same time, you know how to nurture people with food and hugs and are a soft place to land—pun intended. Nature appears in many forms, all of them beautiful. I encourage you to fall in love with your form even if it is the opposite of what social media puts out there as an ideal for beauty.

Take a moment each day to celebrate your strong joints, your fabulous stamina and your powerful strength. Thank the elements of earth and water for giving you their qualities of strength and fluidity.

This article by Christine Machiraju was first published on Ayurveda Next Door. To see the original article, please click here.

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