10 Resources for Clean Eating

10 Resources for Clean Eating

A useful list for inspiration and recipes to eat clean

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Eating clean has a bad rep. Stigmas such as costly products, complex recipes, lengthy instructions, and health food lacking in taste and variety keep many individuals from taking on the challenge of eating clean. Thankfully, these ten health bloggers provide hundreds of free healthy recipes, dietary advice, and resources to ensure that the everyday person can adapt to a healthier diet with ease.

  1. Minimalist Baker - Dana and John created this out of their love for eating and cooking deliciously simple food. There are a number of resources for those interested in adopting a clean diet, as well as additional free tools.
  2. Elsa's Wholesome Life - Living by the Hippocrates quote “let food be thy medicine,” Elsa believes that a plant-based diet is vital for optimum health. Her website offers a variety of free, plant-based recipes, as well as an e-book available for purchase.
  3. Clean Eating Goddess - With a passion for clean eating, fitness, and a well-balanced lifestyle, Jen offers her expertise in holistic nutrition. Her blog features a number of free breakfast, mains, sides, and sweets recipes that caters to various dietary needs.
  4. Sprouted Kitchen - A “food-loving, wellness-craving, veggie enthusiast” Sara Forte enjoys making great food using natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. She offers hundreds of simple and seasonal recipes and cooking instructions coupled with photos to ensure easy production.
  5. Pheebs Foods - Phoebe Conway builds her recipes on the principle that what and how we consume food contributes to the sustainability of our planet; therefore, the recipes on her blog feature natural, wholesome foods from the Earth.
  6. Raw Manda - Interested in trying raw vegan recipes? Amanda offers an array of dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free meals, desserts, and snacks.
  7. Earthy Andy - Hawaiian native and mother of two, Andrea began her blog after suffering from a number of dietary health conditions. Not only does it document Andrea’s journey to health, but it also includes free meal plans, health tips, recipes, health guidance, exercise information, and a number of other resources to help each reader in his or her own journey to health.
  8. 100 Days of Real Food - Lisa Leake began her pledge to eat real food in 2010 and since has transformed her health and the health of others with her New York Times best-selling cookbook, 100 Days of Real Food. Lisa’s blog provides a number of resources for individuals looking to eat clean, such as meal plans, recipes, meal ideas, kitchen essentials, how to read ingredient labels, budgeted shopping, kid’s lunch ideas, and more.
  9. Living the Healthy Choice - A 22 year-old foodie and photographer from Berlin, Pauline believes that you do not have to be a skilled cook to maintain a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle. Her blog offers simple plant-based vegetarian recipes, as well as links to her instructional cooking videos and her recommended pantry essentials.
  10. Nourish Atelier - Nina Olsson’s mindful approach to eating involves putting time, effort, heart, and soul into every meal she makes. When it comes to her cooking philosophies, readers will find Nina’s approach is cooking from scratch, buying organically, and eating a balanced yet variety of nutrients incorporated into each recipe.

Challenge: Create a seven-day meal plan using some of the recipes found in these blogs.

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