16 Mindful Eating Affirmations

16 Mindful Eating Affirmations


Guide yourself to a healthier relationship with food using affirmations like: “With each bite, I feel more energized.”

On a daily basis, we’re asked to make decisions about food. "Do you feel like ordering Thai or Chinese for takeout tonight, honey?" "You want your veggies raw or steamed?" "Fries—supersize me?"

How often do we step back and think about the deeper responses to what we’re eating, asking ourselves questions such as: Am I chewing slowly? Do I even like this? Perhaps most essentially, Was I even hungry to begin with? Mindful eating affirmations can help you respond to these questions in a positive way.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating is about using all of our senses to be present when we’re eating, instead of just going through the motions. Proponents of mindful eating suggest turning off the television, for example, or putting down the iPad, and focusing on the textures, aromas, and visual appeal of food.

As food becomes the sole focus, it becomes easier to tune into the body’s cues of satiety or sensation. Reaching a healthy weight becomes easier, and our whole relationship with food and where it comes from can begin to shift.

Mindful Eating Affirmations to Guide You

  1. I’m savoring each bite.
  2. I’m listening to my body.
  3. Today I eat for nourishment.
  4. I joyfully observe the tastes and textures of this food.
  5. I’m making compassionate choices toward myself.
  6. I’m allowing my body to guide my food awareness.
  7. I stop eating when I’m comfortably sated.
  8. I eat well so that I can live well.
  9. I appreciate and give thanks for this food.
  10. I’m free from old patterns and habits that involved food.
  11. I release past guilt and negative feelings about eating.
  12. With each bite, I feel more energized.
  13. I make powerful choices about food.
  14. I eat only when I am actually hungry.
  15. This food is a foundation for my healthy lifestyle.
  16. “In this food, I see clearly the presence of the entire universe supporting my existence.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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