10 Best Face Washes

10 Best Face Washes

Nourishing and gentle products for your most visible self.

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1) Apricot & Chamomile Cleansing Oil


This gentle cleanser is handmade in Bend, Oregon, by owner Angelina Swanson who wild harvests herbs and makes her own infusions for her nourishing products using local, organic, and Fair Trade ingredients. An ultra-nourishing cleanser, this is a magical concoction of safflower oil, chamomile, cold-pressed extra-virgon olive oil, apricot kernel oil, Oregon meadowfoam seed oil, and more. ($16.95)

2) Luminous Melting Cleanser


You’ll want to use this luxurious formula sparingly, as a little goes a long way (plus it’ll take a bite out of your wallet, but it’s worth it). A seriously soothing combo of almond, coconut, and olive oil, plus shea butter and an essential oil blend that includes lemon, sweet, iris, and (who knew?) poet’s daffodil. ($90)

3) Facial Cleanser


We’re longtime fans of this line’s 100% Organic Argan Oil, and the cleanser does not disappoint. Love the delicate and uplifting neroli scent, and it’s good-for-you moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and argan oil, high in fatty acids. ($56)

4) BeautyPrep Face Cleanser


Micellar water, a gentle facial cleanser and/ or makeup remover that does not require rinsing, continues to be a popular option for women who like the convenience factor. Simply saturate a cotton ball and swipe over your face—no water needed. This one, a soothing proprietary blend of cucumber extracts and algae, is a very good natural option, created with ingredients from organic farming. ($28)

5) Purifying Cleanser


This natural luxury brand has a cult following, and with good reason—it’s really, really nice. From the packaging (pretty green glass bottles) to the formulas, Tata Harper does it right. This cleanser is a perfect summer pick, as it’s both purifying and refreshing. Our skin felt squeaky clean, in a good way, after washing, thanks to a cocktail of sugars, broccoli extract, and fruit enzymes. ($62)

6) Kombucha Cleanser


I originally bought this for my husband, but I ended up using it more than he did. (I can’t get him away from his Dove soap bar.) Super lightweight with a clear, gel-like consistency, this cleanser deep cleans without stripping your skin and making it feel dried out. Its special recipe includes kombucha, grape stem cells, spirulina and white and green teas, among others. ($35)

7) Kiwi Cream Bar


Kiwi, coconut, vanilla, and honey come together for a perfect (and somehow elegant) cleansing solution. This is a soothing, nourishing option for dry skin types. This beloved Los-Angeles based line has a serious following and makes many of its products in small batches, priding itself on its enzymatic-based ingredients—plenty of essential oils, plant lipids and extracts, sea vegetables, and vitamins and minerals. ($42)

8) Nourishing Cleansing Crème


A calming and soothing cleanser with a soft milky texture, intoxicating scent (think ylang ylang, bergamot, patchouli, and clove), it has the added benefits of plant stem cells. The seriously hydrating formula includes coconut milk and oil and a green and brown algae complex, making this face wash a real stand-out and perfect for delicate and dry skin. ($38)

9) Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser


We were drawn to this cleanser as soon as we opened the bottle and pumped a little into our hands—it smelled good from the get-go—and left our skin feeling nicely tingly and refreshed. Formulated for acne-prone skin, this could be a nice summer cleanser when the weather heats up, even if acne is not a skin concern. It has a nice cooling combo of ingredients like tea tree oil, cucumber, and skin soothers like almond milk and yogurt. ($38)

Gentle Cleansing Nourishing Organic Cleanser


Simple and straightforward, this cleanser counts aloe vera, chamomile, and cucumber among its hydrating ingredients. This natural beauty staple won’t break the bank. ($13.99)

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