10 Best Body Scrubs

10 Best Body Scrubs

Slough off the old skin, bring in the new with sugar and sea salt

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1) Unscented Body Polish


It was love at first scrub with this delicate body polish. Though unscented, it gave me the sense of a walk in the woods. The gentle formula includes a proprietary “Zen Blend” of biodynamically farmed flower essences, including star tulip (calming) and manzanita (centering and joy-inducing). Features both sugar and salt in an organic shea-butter base and comes with practical tips for creating selfcare rituals at home. ($32.50)

2) Organic Body Polish


A no-nonsense certified organic salt-based scrub that’s still made by hand at this small company whose mission in part is to “help people experience welcome relief from challenges like the rash from chemical sensitivity, psoriasis, eczema, acne, or dermatitis.” Comes in 10 different essential oil formulas, including Purifying Fragrance Free, Clearing Cedar Eucalyptus, and Comforting Vanilla Cardamom. ($30)

3) Italian Blood Orange Isla das Rocas Sea Salt Scrub


You’ll want to set aside some time to savor this scrub. Solid and serious, its citrus scent—an intoxicating combo of blood oranges, orange blossom, orange rinds, and grapefruit—nearly knocked us over, in a good way. This sea saltbased beauty has a great texture that gives a truly invigorating scrub. ($36)

4) Passion Fruit Sugar Polish


An ode to the natural bounty of Hawaii, this exceptional scrub gets its true grit from pure Hawaiian cane sugar and organic Hawaiian honey. Nourishing oils of coconut, kukui, and macadamia leave skin feeling loved and smooth. ($30)

5) Generation Nature


This playful line uses natural, certified organic, and wild-crafted ingredients cultivated on small family-run farms in its range of products. Generation Nature is a moisturizing Brazilian brown sugar and sea salt scrub that counts certified organic oils of jojoba and sunflower among its ingredients. ($58)

6) Plumeria Body Polish


Plumeria, a symbol of beauty and grace, is a popular flower from which leis are fashioned. It adds a fragrant note (along with jasmine and sandalwood) to this otherworldly body polish from one of the best Hawaiian beauty brands around. This scrub is a beautiful blend of texture and ingredients. ($29)

7) Kiwi Coconut Salt Crème Buff


A fine exfoliator from a reliable company, this scrub uses gentle Bali sea salts, kiwi extract, and Thai coconut cream to create a remarkably feel-good experience. ($25)

8) Lemongrass Sugar Scrub


There’s something about the scent of lemongrass that transports us, and it’s a welcome essential oil in this sugar scrub crafted with organic extracts of white tea and ginger and organic rice bran and coconut oils. ($19.95)

9) Coffee + Mint Body Scrub


This hard-to-resist scrub is a refreshing and fragrant combo of organic fair trade coffee beans (the help give good scrub), peppermint oil, and nourishing coconut oil. Need we say more? ($26)

10) Bali Flowers Sea Salt Scrub


Created with essential oil of ylang ylang, one of Bali’s most cherished fragrant flowers, this lusciously scented sea salt scrub is a sensual treat for any body. ($20 for the Spa to Go set)

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