10 Best Body Potions

10 Best Body Potions

Show your body some love with this sensual collection of lotions, balms, and oils.

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1) Earth Balance Body Infusion


Intended to “help you find your sync,” this body oil boasts some fine calming and balancing essential oils: bergamot, geranium, frankincense, and mandarin. Sweet almond, coconut, and jojoba help nourish the skin. ($50)

2) Body Elixir Inflorescence


This precious oil has such an intoxicating aroma that we wanted to dab a little on a tissue and tuck it inside our camisole to carry it close throughout the day. Yes, it’s pricey, but Inflorescence, with its wild-crafted and sustainably grown ingredients, is simply addictive. Blame it on the bitter orange blossoms. ($95)

3) Daily Repair Body Treatment


The beauty cultures of East (Ayurveda) and West unite in this lovely line that donates 100 percent of its net profits to global humanitarian work via the International Association for Human Values. Daily Repair is full of active plant and herb extracts that hydrate and nourish the skin. A good precursor to body oils, spray this on your body post-shower or bath for best results. Jasmine, lavender, and rose essential oils leave a light and refreshing scent. ($50)

4) Instinctual Body Lotion


We admire this brand’s slow beauty mission, and chose this lotion for its nice, light feel, easy absorption, and skin-protecting and nourishing ingredients like avocado and fair trade certified organic shea butter and olive oil. ($32)

5) Hoya Nourishing Body Oil


The hoya plant, native to Asia, has beautiful flowers shaped like five-pointed stars— and powerful phytoesterols and terpenes (compounds that help it heal and protect itself). Extracts of the essential oil of this flower are included in this ultra-nourishing body oil, created by renowned esthetician Sonya Dakar. We like the way our skin eats it up without leaving an oily film, and its uplifting scent (think lime, lemongrass, and bergamot). Its antiinflammatory properties are a welcome plus. ($85)

6) Vital Repair Herb Rich Balm


Aimed at those with ultra-sensitive skin, this is a wonderfully therapeutic balm for the toughest of skin conditions, especially symptoms relating to chemotherapy, radiation treatments, and autoimmune disorders. ($30 to $40)

7) Grape Stem Cell Solutions Body Lotion


Not only do we love the way this light lotion glides on and easily absorbs, we love the light sheen it leaves on our skin. Skin-softening ingredients like oils of coconut, lemon, and orange help hydrate while superantioxidants like grape stem cells help stimulate collagen. A winning combination. ($76)

8) Glisten Body Balm


This luxurious unscented balm is one of the best we’ve tested. Rich in feel and formulation, it counts organic acai pulp oil, babassu, coconut, and passion fruit oils among its many fine ingredients. The founder describes it as “liquid gold,” and we couldn’t agree more. ($76)

9) 100% Natural Australian Jojoba


A beautifully moisturizing oil that may be applied not only to your body, but to your face, hands, cuticles, and hair, as well. Chock-full of powerful antioxidants (Omega 6 and 9), as well as vitamins A, D, and E. ($14.95 to $22.50)

10) Evening Primrose Intensive Salve


Formulated specifically for those who have very dry skin and/or irritated, cracked skin, this fragrance-free formula is loaded with skin-calming evening primrose oil and hydrating almond and prune seed oil. ($32)

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